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The Chinese Lunar Calendar For Baby Gender Selection-How To Use It

The Chinese Lunar Calendar for baby gender prediction was discovered, after years of research, by Chinese scientists about 700 years ago. Many in the far east beleive it is very precise, up to 99%! Whether you are a beleiver or not, the Chinese Birthing Calendar can be a loads of fun to mess around with at you're next baby shower or get-together.

If your already pregnant the Chinese gender prediction calendar can show you if you'll be having a baby girl or a baby boy. If you are taking into consideration becoming pregnant apply the Chinese birth chart to choose the best month to become pregnant depending on whether you would like a girl or boy.

In order to insure accurate results you just need to know the mothers age at conception, and the month your baby is conceived. These dates need to come from the Chinese lunar calendar and not the Gregorian calendar used in most of the rest of the world.

Let's take a closer look at how you figure out these dates, shall we? The mother-to-be's age doesn'tstart on her birthday, as here in the west, but at her conception. Add 9 months to the mother's age to start with. Also you need to be knowledgeable of the reality the Chinese New Year varies from year to year, falling somewhere between January 22 and Febuary 22. So you will need to find out what date was the Chinese New Year on the mother-to-be's birth year (or actually the year she was conceived in.)

Now you will need to determine the baby's month of conception, here again by means of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

When you have figured these two dates accurately you just find these dates on the Chinese baby prediction chart and follow the two columns until they intersect and if the square is blue the gender prediction chart predicts a boy baby, if the square is pink the chart predicts the baby will be a girl.

The Chinese birth chart, can be used on your unborn baby, your children, or even adults, or anyone or everyone for that matter.

Sometimes your unborn baby's sex can be determined, by way of an ultra-sound, as early on as five months (although it's sometimes hard to ascertain until the seventh or eighth month.) But, I think using the Chinese Lunar Calendar as your baby predictor is loads more fun!

Now that you know how to use the Chinese Gender Calendar you can put it to use at your next baby shower, get together, or anytime, just for fun. You'll find the gender calendar at my site below, but keep in mind that I offer it for entertainment and informational purposes only, I can't guarantee, of course, your results!

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