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5 Things To Look For In An Online Boutique

What if you learned what qualified a typical online store from a fabulous online boutique?

Don't you want to save money by shopping online at a safe, fun, and fashion forward online boutique?

The purpose of this article is to make sure you know how to recognize the best online boutiques, where you can shop securely and buy clothes to make you the envy of your friends.

Here are 5 simple steps to get you on the path to online boutique shopping today...

Step 1 - Prices.

Step 2 - Security!

Step 3 - PayPal.

Step 4 - Store Front and Features.

Step 5 - Fashion Forward Inventory.

Again, the purpose of this article is to show you how to separate a ho-hum online store from your future favorite online boutique.

Let's get down to step by step details right here and you'll be shopping online at a hot boutique in no time...

Step 1 - Prices.

One of the obvious perks of shopping online is savings. Not just on gas from driving to the mall, but on the actual inventory. The best online boutiques will offer savings up to 85% off retail prices.

Look for this on the home page. I like to see what I'll be saving right there on the home page before I start shopping.

Step 2 - Security!

Security is very important when shopping online. The security of e stores is heavily mandated by the bad guys do slip through to try to scam us from time to time. To ensure your purchases and financial information will be safe look for security seals on the home page.

Not all stores post these seals on their site, but I found that stores powered by large companies like Yahoo! are among the safest. Also, when Checking Out, look at the address bar. If the http has changed to https... you're safe.

Step 3 - PayPal.

PayPal has become the leading company to process online store transactions. They accept all major credit card payments without you having to have an actual PayPal account yourself. You can make debit or echeck payments if you have your own PayPal account that you can log onto at Check Out.

Making purchases with PayPal adds a second level of security for you purchase. They do not share or store your information (unless you have your own account).

Step 4 - Store Front and Features.

A Store Front says a lot about a company. I like a colorful and attention grabbing store front. One with lots of information. It's like meeting someone for the first time; you only get one first impression. An online boutique with a well put together store front is usually very customer oriented. Things to look for: privacy policy, contact information (not just an email address), background company information, owner information, etc.

Another important factor is features. This is something that really sets the typical apart from the extraordinary. An online store with lots of features is going to be more appealing than a store without. Why? If I'm going to spend my hard earned money, you have to earn it. Earn it with cool features like a newsletter, special offers and giveaways, a Points Program (these are always fun), comics, horoscopes, free shipping, celebrity fashion news, etc. You want something that's gonna grab you're attention and keep you coming back for more. If they offer these, take advantage! They'll save you even more money!

Step 5 - Fashion Forward Inventory.

The coolest thing about shopping online is finding things that you can't find in a bricks and mortar store. Look for unique pieces of clothing, never before seen shoes and handbags, and fashionable collections. You don't want to just see a bunch of stuff that came from who knows where. Look for a collection with a common theme. I've even seen store group their matching clothing together - Definite Plus!

The thing to remember here is to take advantage of the opportunity of finding clothes that are truly one of a kind. If you see something you like and it meets the above criteria, BUY IT!

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'Mylah Lynn' is a retired fashion model and stylist. She has helped hundreds of women find their inner fabulousness by opening a truly one of a kind boutique. She has written this and several other articles so that you too can be a Fierce & Fabulous.

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