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Designing Casual Wedding Invitations

Weddings don't always need to be an elaborate and ostentatious affair, and wedding invitations can reflect this. In general, a traditional or formal invitation has a card stating the date and location of the wedding ceremony and reception. Included with this are direction and menu cards. All pieces are coordinated and made from stiff, high-quality paper. But what should you do when you want to hold a casual wedding? In some cases, due to finances or wanting a more personal wedding ceremony, a wedding may be a casual affair. Similar to formal wedding invitations, casual invitations should also reflect the nature of the ceremony.

Typically, casual wedding invitations are a single card put in an envelope. Occasionally, a direction card may be included. Casual invitations have the basic pieces of any wedding invitation, such as who is getting married, and where and when the ceremony and reception will be held. Wording, in this case, is important, as casual and formal tones can differentiate the type of wedding more than the actual card design. But aside from the casual wording - from a simple summer wedding to a "We're getting married in Vegas" ceremony - the design should be somewhat characteristic of the ceremony, as well.

The design options for casual wedding invitations include various simple graphics or boarders. One of the more typical casual wedding invitations is a Las Vegas themed card, complete with lights graphics and ribbon lettering, but, aside from this style, traditional wedding graphics are re-imagined for casual invitations. If you're not familiar with wedding invitation cards, this is typically a combination of flowers or bride and groom graphics. Other options for casual designs include basic photograph invitations with the bride and groom in casual poses and solid but bold colors with matching envelopes.

Most printers of wedding invitations cater to the casual market in addition to formal invitations. With many designs to choose from or customize with paper, even a casual invitation can be unique and memorable for your guests.

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