Senin, 05 Oktober 2009

Natural Breast Enlargement Techniques

Many women have the desire to make their breasts bigger and more rounded. Small breasts are a big problem for millions of women, who are suffering from lower self confidence because they feel their breasts aren't how they'd like them to be. Although this problem has been a big issue for many years, there has only been one reliable way to fix it - with risky surgery. However there is another way - by naturally making your breasts grow.

Most women don't know about this, but you can make your breasts grow naturally, without any painful surgery or nasty side effects. There are a variety of ways to do this, but here are just a few:

1. Eat Estrogen-Rich Foods

Estrogen is the main substance which makes our breasts grow. During puberty, it's released by the bucket load in our bodies, allowing us to grow our breasts and start our menstrual cycle, etc. However, when puberty ends, the flow of Estrogen is cut down, making breast growth extremely difficult. This means that you can actually make the breasts grow again by consuming Estrogen into your body, through the food you eat.

Foods such as oranges & flax seeds have extremely high levels of Estrogen inside, as well as herbs such as Sage or Rosemary. There is a whole catalog of foods that will provide large amounts of Estrogen into your body, allowing your breasts to grow again. However, you need to be careful about how much Estrogen you consume each day.

2. Perform Breast-Boosting Exercises

Another simple way to make your breasts grow bigger is to perform exercises which tighten the pectoral muscles, which lie directly underneath the breasts. These muscles are the "pecs" that men have and if you can make them stand out a little big, you can make your breasts appear to be a lot more full and round. Exercises such as push ups and chest presses are great for this and can have dramatic results.

3. Massage Your Breasts

Believe it or not, performing certain massages on your breasts is also a great way to make them grow and develop further. Unfortunately, many women inhibit the growth of their breasts by wearing bras which are far too tight. This cuts off much of the blood-flow to the breasts, making them less round and full. By performing a simple massage each night, you can actually increase the circulation around your breasts, resulting in them becoming a lot more rounded and plump.

Obviously, these are just 3 simple ways to make your breasts bigger. To find out more about this, you should start by using the information from my website to make your breasts grow bigger.

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