Kamis, 08 Oktober 2009

Beware of Collagen Skin Care Products - Why Face Creams With Collagen Don't Work

Before you rush out to buy collagen skin care products, there's something you need to know: face creams with collagen don't work.

Shocking? Perhaps. Hard to believe? Yes. In this article I'll tell you why and give you a much better solution to increasing skin collagen and elastin, the two important protein connective tissues that help the skin maintain its structure and elasticity.

The reason is quite simple. The molecules of these proteins are too big to penetrate the skin. In order to work, they need to penetrate down to the lower skin cells. They can't do that.

The fact that the versions you'll find in skin creams are usually derived from bird and cattle sources don't help much either.

In other words, collagen skin care products truly is a waste of your time and money. But if face creams with collagen cannot provide the answer, what can? After all, the anti aging and anti wrinkle properties of these connective tissues are no myth. Something must be done!

How To Naturally Increase Collagen Connective Tissue In The Skin

Your body is actually pretty good at producing this stuff all by itself. As we grow older however, production decreases. What happens next? The skin loses structure, becomes thinner and starts to wrinkle.

Bottom line: you look old.

So if you can't supplement it with creams, what do you do?

You get the skin to produce more of it.

Some skin care products now feature ingredients like functional keratin, which has been clinically proven to stimulate the skin to naturally produce more collagen connective tissue, as well as elastin fibres.

The obvious benefit here is clear: your skin gets more of these proteins in the most natural way possible, and exactly where they're needed most.

Even natural oils like avocado is known for its ability to increase the production of these fibres. Instead of looking for collagen skin care products, find products that can actually make a real difference by increasing the natural production of these critical proteins.

Now that you know why face creams with collagen don't work and what you can do about it, you can really start fighting those wrinkles and aging skin. At http://beautifulnaturalskin.com we reveal more secrets about skin care you wish you knew, while also showing you where to find real collagen skin care products - the kind that help your skin to naturally produce more.

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