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Choosing That Special Gift For That Great Guy

The question remains...what do you get that special guy on your gift list? What would he like? Surely not another tie. What gift will he cherish (and remember that you gave it to him) forever? This need not be a daunting challenge, if you do your homework, and follow a few simple suggestions. What are these suggestions? Here we go...

"Ask and it shall be given to you", right? Why not be upfront and ask that special guy in your life what he would like to receive in terms of a gift. He might not know, but if you can get him to talk out loud about the process, some gift ideas might come to mind. Be sure to listen intently as he speaks, and take some notes when you get a free moment. With this "raw info", and some deductive reasoning on your part, you will have some great gift ideas for this special guy.

What type of lifestyle does he have? No good getting a guy a set of water skis if he is a couch potato. Often the "general label" that we put on people will help us ascertain a rough category of gifts to dig into.

How thick is his wallet? Is he rich? If so, he can afford pretty much whatever he wants, so there is no use in trying to get him something expensive just because it costs a lot of money. You might want to get this guy something more personal, like a monogrammed item, or something that you made yourself...something that adds that personal touch.

How well do you know this guy? Are you casual friends, or have you known each other a long time? Are you in a relationship with him already? If you have just started dating him, you don't want to "scare him off" by getting him an expensive gift that "implies" something and puts pressure on the relationship. Think about how he would feel to get the gift you are thinking about...if it would make him feel uncomfortable, then "think again".

If the guy has a hobby, it can often provide numerous gift ideas. What if you don't know anything about this hobby? Well, you can always find an expert who does. You could try to locate someone on the internet, or from a local hobby store. They will often give you some guidelines and ideas as to what the perfect gift might be.

If he's a huge sports fan, it's hard to go wrong with a ticket to see his favorite sports team, or even an item autographed by his favorite player. Similarly, if he's into music, how about a ticket to see his favorite performer?

Now that we have the basics out of the way, what are some examples of these great gifts? For this, and other great info, check out the blog at:

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