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Birthday Cake - Make it Yourself

If there's one thing that should be said about birthday cakes, it is that they are sweeter if you make them yourself. Buying a birthday cake is something that anyone can do. But baking a birthday cake yourself is sweet, and sends a message to the birthday girl or the birthday boy about just how special he or she is.

If you have skill, the cake that you made yourself could even be more delicious than the one you bought at the cake shop. But if you don't know the first thing about baking, don't fret because there are a lot of resources that gives you a step-by-step guide to making birthday cakes. And then there are cake pre-mixes too. The trick to making a luscious cake is in the decoration. So, if you're working with cake pre-mixes, whip up your creativity for some wonderful cake decorations.

If you're making chocolate cake for the chocolate lover, put some chocolate ganache icing on top. You could border the cake with strawberry halves. If the birthday celebrant has some allergy problems, try baking a gluten-free chocolate cake with semi-sweet chocolate icing, or dairy free ice cream with milk-free icing.

If you want to offer something richer, try making a cheesecake and top it with berries. Also, try to get more creative with common cake cream recipes. Tweak ice cream recipes by using high-end ice cream instead of common ice cream. Or replace frozen whipped cream with fudgey whipped cream. Or you could also exchange the fudge topping with something a little more different, like sliced mangoes. And instead of candy toppings, try chocolate shavings instead. If the birthday celebrant prefers something lighter, trying making lemon-glazed cake or creamy orange cake. These cakes are particularly good with champagne. For kids, try making a root beer float cake or chocolate pudding fudge cake.

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