Jumat, 09 Oktober 2009

Wedding Menu Card Printing

The type of stationery used in weddings can serve as vehicles to reinforce a wedding motif or theme. Wedding stationery makes up a small but nevertheless important element of a wedding as these serve as the details that give off the impression the bride and groom want to convey about their taste, their style, their personality as a couple. One type of stationery that often needs design and attention are wedding menu cards.

Wedding menus are stationery that will be seen by all the guests in the wedding. Not only do they serve to inform guests of the evening's fare but they must also be presented with flair and creativity. Below are some tips for printing wedding menus.

• Print couples' surnames on top-Wedding menus do have a purpose of information. Although it is the couples' prerogative to print the contents of the menu, it is considered tradition to print the couple's surnames on top of the menu card. It is of course to inform that guests are at the wedding reception in case they missed guest registration.

• Print "Wedding Menu" as the heading-The words, "Wedding Menu" is often also printed on top of the menu card for formality.

• No menu cards needed for a buffet style dinner-Wedding menu cards are not necessary for a buffet-style dinner reception although couples may opt to place a menu list of buffet dishes or a drinks list

• Formal dinner reception courses should be in order-The order of course headings should be printed beginning with; appetizer or soup, salad, main course, dessert, beverage choices including dinner beverages and after dinner beverages of either coffee or tea. A menu card can also indicate if liquor or spirits will be served.

• Custom or standard printing-Avoid last minute printing of wedding stationery. A typical schedule should be three to four months in advance, depending on the dinner style or course decided on. However, for any last minute changes or additions, online printing services offer the convenience of overnight printing. Online printers offer a variety of standard or custom designed event program printing including menus, place cards, invitations or thank you cards.

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