Jumat, 09 Oktober 2009

Event Management Memorabilia

Event management is a big thing these days and to find a unique gift to distribute to seminar and conference attendees is not always easy. To find a useful unique gift is even more difficult.

A year or two ago it was flash drives and these were gratefully received because they were seen as a useful gift. Furthermore they were used and displayed in offices around the world that you would never have been able to reach without having some 'walking' advertisement displaying your company name or logo on it.

Everyone seems to give out pens these days and these vary in quality so much that some of them don't even see the end of the seminar or conference they are such poor quality. Then they simply get taken home or back to the office and either put in a drawer or pen holder and there they tend to stay until the ink dries up and then they get binned.

Paper notepads only seem to last as long as the kids don't find them and scribble all over them, or you get them into your office and they get filed away in a drawer to get rid of desk clutter. Sometimes these get fully used but I wouldn't count on too many people seeing your logo or advertising from them.

What works very well is something that gets used, gets carried everywhere with someone, gets a lot of eyeballs seeing it and is considered by the person receiving it as a useful item and they then seem to speak very well of your event or whatever. Word of Mouth advertising is additional advertising that you can never ever pay for. It is the type of advertising that gets you new clients and customers.

By having your advertising 'walking' around your town or the world means you can never know where it gets seen or by whom.

So if you are searching for a unique and useful item for advertising a clients or your next event then I strongly recommend the Minglestick for all those mingling occasions.

Photo Business Cards are Dead. They have been killed by a Technological marvel called a Minglestick so you don't have to keep on buying dead trees. Get http://www.myminglestick.net today and RIP those old photo business cards.

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