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Full Color Business Cards - For a Full Clown Entertainment Services

It's hard to make people laugh, especially the kids. So if you are an exceptionally well clown, you should let those who might be interested in your service know about you. How? Why don't you try full color business cards?

Full Color Business

Your job is actually your business. You should aim at your target market and advertise. Who could be your audience? The parents, of course. And they are a very easy target. You should just know where to look.

1. Hospitals. Every day, there are new babies who are being born. And there are new parents who are being born as well, as a matter of fact. Those babies are going to celebrate the important date of their lives a year from the day they were born. You will be off to a good start when you've got many parents on your contacts.

2. Schools. You can wait for an activity or school gatherings where parents are required to go. Don't forget to bring your full color business cards with you.

3. Parks. It may be good to give a free preview of what you can do in front of kids on parks. If the kids like your show, the parents will be interested in hiring you in the future. Don't forget to disseminate your cards after your acts.

4. Parties. In every party that you will render a performance, there are parents who will be watching that. And there are kids who will keep talking about you long after the show is over. So it is better for you to give out your cards to all who attended the event so that they surely won't forget about you.

You have one colorful job. It is already an advantage because you can be very experimental when it comes to the design of your cards. You can use as many colors that you want. You can use the graphics that will appeal to kids. Here are some suggestions.

1. Use the elements that are popular to kids, like balloons, stars, moon and sun. Or you may want to use fruits or animals. You can even include the popular cartoon characters to the kids that you are targeting. You can also use the tools that you usually bring during performance like balls or cards and coins, anything related to clowns.

2. Be as colorful as you want. Your services will be needed in times when there are celebrations, in times when people are happy. So use colors to set the right mood to the person who might be reading your card in the future.

3. Choose fonts that will be appealing to kids. This will reflect your personality and the type of service that you can render. As much as possible, you want to give the effect that you are fun and people will enjoy watching you.

Make those full color business cards be your representation to your target audience. Let them have the right impression about you. And let those cards do the talking about how good you are and convince people to get your services in times of celebration.

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