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Wedding Music Planning Timeline

Make a point to pay more attention to songs you like, songs that have meaning to you as a couple, and songs that you hear at other weddings that are sure to kill on the dance floor.

Start a journal and jot them down whenever you think of them. Song titles seem to be among the most easily forgotten things known to man. Begin seeking out professional musicians and entertainers as soon as you begin making your wedding plans. We have included a recommended timeline below, realizing that not everyone has the luxury of time. If your wedding is just around the corner, simply start at the top of the list and condense, consolidate and, most importantly, delegate tasks to get everything completed in time for the big day.

9 to 12 months before your wedding:

  1. Request performance samples from potential musicians
  2. Audition DJs or bands by attending events at which they are playing
  3. Gather musician or DJ pricing information
  4. Begin thinking about songs you would like to incorporate into your day

6 to 9 months before:

  1. Book your ceremony musicians and pay deposit
  2. Book your reception musicians and/or DJ and pay deposit
  3. Confirm logistics with your providers (venue details, dates, times)
  4. Provide your venue contacts with the names of your music providers
  5. Narrow your ceremony song choices
  6. Begin preparing a playlist and a do-not-play list for your reception

3 to 6 months before:

  1. Confirm your ceremony music choices with your musicians
  2. Provide sheet music to all musicians, as necessary
  3. Complete your reception playlist and submit it to your band or DJ

6 weeks before:

  1. Check in with your music providers to reconfirm your date and details
  2. Ask to listen in on a ceremony music practice session, if you would like
  3. Provide ceremony music providers with wedding rehearsal details
  4. Connect ceremony musicians with ceremony venue contact person

1 week before:

  1. Confirm that reception music providers know venue and logistical details
  2. Confirm that ceremony musicians will attend your rehearsal

1 day before:

  1. Prepare balance payments for musicians or DJ (including tips)
  2. Delegate delivery of balance payments for your music providers to your dad, best man, or personal attendant

Your wedding day: Relax and enjoy the music!

In addition to the web, one of the best resources for planning your wedding music is other couples who have recently made their trip down the aisle. Consult friends or family members who have recently gotten married and ask them to share their biggest challenges and best tips. If they live near your event location, they may even be able to recommend some great musicians or DJs (or who to steer clear of, depending on their experience).

Other great resources include the contact people at your ceremony or reception venue. Ceremony location coordinators can provide a list of soloists or groups who have performed in your venue before. Reception venue contacts can do the same, and may even provide a list of vendors who have been approved to work in their space. Some local acts may have worn out their welcome, Be sure to double-check if you are researching on your own.

Tim has been recording and performing professionally for over ten years. As part of The O'Neill Brothers, he's sold nearly two million CDs. He started taking piano lessons at age five and began playing for weddings of family and friends as a teenager. Find popular wedding song selections and helpful planning tips at http://www.MyWeddingMusic.com

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