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The Advantage of Organic Baby Clothes - My O Baby

My O Baby is delivering healthy clothing alternatives for today’s babies. The chemical and pesticide free cotton which comprises our entire line is certified by The Control Union which guarantees that, addition to being free of chemicals and pesticides, the materials across our clothing lines are organically grown. To ensure that My O Baby is creating the safest garments possible, The Control Union has also certified that the snaps are nickel-free, dyes carry a minimum of metal content and that the garments will not cause the rashes and skin irritations which typically result from conventional cotton. The importance of chemical and pesticide free baby clothes has been reinforced by recent statistics on the content of dangerous elements in conventional cotton.

According to Lotus Organics, "Millions of children in the US receive up to 35% of their estimated lifetime dose of some carcinogenic pesticides by age five through food, contaminated drinking water, household use, and pesticide drift". The most shocking aspect of this statement is that the children are receiving this exposure when they are the most susceptible to those poisonous elements. This dilemma is described in detail on Johnson and Johnson’s website where they state, "A baby's skin is thinner, more fragile and less oily than an adult's. A baby's skin also produces less melanin, the substance that helps protect against sunburn. It's less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment, especially if it's irritated. Babies also sweat less efficiently than the rest of us, so it's harder for them to maintain their inner body temperature." A baby’s skin is also more porous, meaning that impurities can pass into their systems in greater concentrations. When those impurities are carried in clothing that can be in contact with a baby’s skin for hours at a time, the potential for exposure to toxins increases dramatically.

One of the potential carriers for these toxins is conventional cotton, one of the biggest crops grown for use in clothing production in the world. The industry, by itself, accounts for $2.6 billion in pesticide spending each year. Because cotton is not a food crop, it is not regulated in terms in terms of pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals that come in contact with it. According to the EPA, 7 out of the 15 pesticides that are regularly used on cotton carry labels classifying them as either potential or known carcinogens. The unregulated nature of cotton production explains why despite using only 2.4% of the world’s farmland, 25% of the world’s pesticides and 10% of its insecticides are used on it yearly. That calculates out to one pound of pesticide and one pound of chemical fertilizer for each pair of jeans or t-shirt produced. The conversion of this unregulated cotton into clothing requires additional chemicals that are added at various stages during the process. These chemicals include petroleum scours, softeners, brighteners, heavy metals, flame and soil retardants, ammonia and formaldehyde.

Considering those statistics, it’s not surprising that organic clothing for babies is rapidly gaining in popularity despite being more expensive than regular cotton apparel. In addition to being a much healthier choice, consumers are finding that clothes made of organic cotton last five to ten times longer than chemically treated cotton. The longevity of organic cotton clothes is attributed to the abuse that conventional cotton receives during processing where the breakdown of cotton fiber begins even before being sewn.

It might be more expensive and more difficult to find at times but organic clothing brings so many healthy benefits it’s worth the money, time, and effort to put your baby into outfits that have not been touched chemicals and pesticides. Indeed, by lasting longer than conventional cotton clothes, they’re sure to make great hand-me-downs as well.

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My O Baby is a member of the Organic Trade Association and our garments are 100% certified by the Control Union guaranteeing that all of our products are organically grown, with no use of pesticides or chemicals. View our collection of organic toddler clothing and organic infant clothing at

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