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Learning to Swim As an Adult - Swimming Lessons For All Ages

ome kids learn to swim before they can walk, probably because they have parents who like to spend a lot of time in the water so naturally they take the kids swimming. Kids whose parents don't swim are pretty likely to learn to swim at an older age than kids whose parents do swim. And some kids never learn to swim and become adults who can't fully enjoy pool or beach parties, or evening swimming with their own kids.

A good way to avoid this situation is to take adult swimming classes. A good place to look for adult swimming classes is your local YMCA or YWCA. These classes are a great place for an adult to learn to swim in the presence of other adults in the same situation, and they're usually pretty affordable compared to other facilities' swimming lessons.

Most of the classes "at the Y" will be broken down into groups of adults of different skill levels, from the person who's nervous in the water and doesn't like to get her face wet to the person who can swim a little but wants to feel more confident in the water and get some expert swimming instruction.

A beginner will be taught how to handle himself in the water, from the way to hold his body, to how to breathe and how to hold the limbs when attempting to float. Swimming classes like this will usually have practice sessions where everyone puts his or her face in the water and then lifts to breathe before trying it again. It's a very gentle way to get used to being in the water and starting to feel comfortable with it.

Intermediate swimming lessons are for the adult who can swim a little or who needs to brush up on rusty swimming skills. And most facilities will offer some type of private swimming classes at a higher cost. Some adults simply feel more comfortable with private instruction. And some are too afraid of the water to be in a group while submerging his or her face or trying to float. They can learn to swim with this option.

Many adults who have always been unable or unwilling to learn to swim get interested in taking swimming lessons when they have kids of their own. Look in your local area for combined classes where adults can learn at the same time as their kids. Even if your kids can already swim a little, all kids should take swimming lessons and learn the basics properly to be able to take care of themselves in the water, so there's no better time to learn to swim for yourself.

And if you have a small child, parent/infant or parent/toddler swimming classes may be available. The younger children are exposed to the water, the more likely they'll grow up to be strong swimmers who enjoy the water. These types of swimming lessons can not only teach you to swim, but provide great bonding time for you and your child.

Antony Black
Antony Black has been teaching swimming classes in Miami for adults and children of all ages for 10 years at British Swim School. He has lived in London and US but his favorite thing to do is to teach Miami swimming lessons to children at the premier Miami Swim Schools

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