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Saving Money While Shopping For Baby Clothes

Most young parents have experienced the dilemma of shopping for baby clothes. It's not an easy thing to do, after all. The process goes well beyond choosing blue for boy and pink for girl. One has to ask questions like: where do I shop? What should I look for? Is baby fashion supposed to be this expensive or are there more affordable options with which to dress up my child? Do retailers - most of whom make baby clothes shopping sound so complicated - offer discount coupons for their products? Fret no more, young parent. If you need advice and suggestions on shopping frugally and wisely for baby clothes, this article is for you.

1) Don't buy too much. Come up with a budget, and impose controls on your shopping. Your child will grow up real quick anyway. There's no need to please his or her vanity. Besides, family and friends are bound to donate clothes for your baby, too. Don't succumb to the vast baby items that are available in your local department store or online, no matter how cute and can't-miss they seem, because it's not like your boy or girl is going to remain that size for a very long time.

2) Consider factors such as security and comfort for your baby. Usually, cotton is the best material, since it will feel soft and gentle and natural against a child's skin. Outfits that mix cotton and polyester, while not as soft, might also work as they don't tend to shrink once washed. The best option is to look for cotton clothes that are one size too big for your baby. To minimize hazards, avoid clothes that have cords, tight elastic bands, or buttons in them; you don't want to wake up with Junior suddenly getting snarled into dangerous knots. And you also never know what your child is capable of choking on. If possible, also buy baby wear that is flame-retardant.

3) Clothing sizes differ from brand to brand. If you're going to shop online, make sure that the clothes will actually fit your baby. That's common sense. Visit trusted suppliers like Leaps and Bounds, Kid Surplus, and Baby Center Store for guidance and practical advice on shopping for your baby or child. Remember also to take advantage of the stores' online deals; use Leaps and Bounds promotion codes, Kid Surplus promotional codes, and Baby Center coupon codes to save money on your baby clothes purchases.

4) Don't rule out second-hand shops, online auctions, or consignment clothing stores. Contrary to what you may think, it is very practical to look for baby outfits that have been used before. It's not like babies will wear out their clothes in the first place, because they outgrow what they wear so quickly. Thus, most second-hand clothing for young babies, toddlers, and children are still almost in brand new condition. You'll even be surprised to find how many designer brands you'll find at the charity or second-hand shop; some will even have tags on them. If you still want to buy new baby clothing while trying to save a fortune, remember at least to use discount coupons.

By: Dan Green

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