Senin, 06 Juli 2009

Freezing Weather Conditions Put Windscreens at Risk

Due to all of the cold weather that the UK has been experiencing recently, many motorists are finding themselves with steep bills after attempting to de-frost their windscreens in a whole host of inappropriate ways, including with; boiling water, credit cards, CD cases and even with shoes. A leading car servicing specialist carried out a study that showed up some surprising figures. The results showed that over 36 per cent of drivers dangerously use hot water to de-ice their windscreens and a further 27 per cent admitted that they have used credit cards to try and de-frost the car’s windscreen. Further to this, the study found that 12 per cent of people tried to get rid of the frost by using CD cases and 3 per cent even resorted to using a shoe. The managing director of the car servicing specialist told of how it is a complete urban myth that you can successfully de-ice your car by using hot water. The truth is that when the hot water meets the cold ice, the drastic change in temperature could cause your windscreen to crack or maybe even shatter, resulting in having a windscreen replacement. However, it is not only unconventional methods that are causing problems for drivers, it seems that even the methods that are perceived as safer are also causing havoc for drivers. Over Christmas the car servicing specialist reported that some people had paid out for windscreen repair due to using their electric car heaters. The car specialist company explained that this problem was caused by people desperately attempting to clear their windscreens quickly by putting their heaters on full blast. This unfortunately has the same effect as pouring hot water over your car windscreen and could result in it cracking. The advice that the company gave was to always turn your heaters on to a low level at first as this will allow the heat to build up gradually and melt the ice. If you really don’t have time for this in the morning then resort to the traditional ice scraper method or try using a de-icer spray for the outside of the screen and a small rag or shammy sponge to help clear any mist from the inside. It is never advisable to attempt to drive off without having complete visibility out of all windscreens, windows and mirrors. If you’re looking for more information about how to care for your car during the cold weather or for what different car insurance policies cover you for, then it’s worth getting online in order to find out more.

You may find you need to get a windscreen replacement after attempting to clear your car with hot water for example. A leading car servicing specialist found that drivers had to pay out for windscreen repair due to damage caused by their electric car heaters. If you want more information regarding caring for your car throughout this cold weather snap or you want to know what your car insurance policy covers you for, then get online and find out more.

Gill Critchley is a UK based author with experience within the financial industry centering on the insurance sector.

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