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Tips to Decorate With Bedsheets

Are you a person who strive to get artistic touch to everything? Do you find yourself bored with your present home furnishings? Are you trying to get rid of that old bed sheet but can't do it as it is not so old? Have you bought bedsheets that don't interest you enough to use on your bed now? Do you want something beautiful and inexpensive too? If even one of these questions generate a 'yes' as an answer then this is where you'll find creative ways to use your bedsheets.

Pillows and Cushions: Use bedsheets to make covers for pillows and cushions of shapes that interest you- rectangle, square, heart shape or round. What all you want is pillow forms, scissors, threads, and needle or you can simply get stitching kits including all the required items and make that exquisite pillow cover. You can even use ribbons, laces, beads, sequins etc. to embellish these covers to your entire satisfaction.

Curtains: Use your bedsheets to make curtains of various styles- swags, valence, paneled curtains or cafe curtains. If you are comfortable with sewing, make it yourself and if not, then get some professional help or you can manage to learn it from net about how to make curtains.

Quilts: They are simply adorable- the colorful quilts. You can use a number of sheets for making interesting patterns. Use embroidery, appliqu├ęs or beads to embellish the quilts and you'll amazed to know how you don't recognize your bedsheets now!

Round Table Covers: Do you have a round table, and not getting the right sized table cover? Use your bed sheet to cut a circle from it, wide enough to cover the table down to the floor, sew the hemline and here is your round table cover ready for your use!

Mats: Have you bought mats made of rubber or coir but now you don't like their feel. Just cover them up with bedsheets and colorful, soft mats are ready for use. You can permanently sew them up with the mats or temporary arrangements, like attaching with the help of Velcros, can also be made.

These were only few of ideas that can be applied for using new bedsheets to decorate as well as reusing them for required purposes. Let your imagination do rounds to find out more interesting ways to use those bedsheets!

Jeff A Hardy

I am working in crafts industry for about five years now. During this considerably long period, I came across various people interested in crafts either as hobby, business or passion. With the intention of sharing my experience about crafts industry, I have started writing through various media- journals, newspapers, online forums etc.

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