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How to Choose a Maid Service

Choosing a housemaid is very difficult and long process. There are certain terms and conditions that should be fulfilled by a maid.

First of all, the maid servant should be reliable. We need somebody whom we can trust and leave our house responsibilities on them. So we should choose a maid who has got some reference of a known person.

Second thing, one has to think that whether they want their housemaid to be male or female. It depends firstly on the type of work to be done and secondly on the employees preference.

Third condition that should be completed is that employer has to know about their family background, their permanent address and their native place.
Next term and condition is that maid servant should be first of all a little educated so that he or she should be able to use electrical appliances and other valuable things of house properly. Secondly, the maid servant should use proper language in house so that there would be no bad effect of him on employer’s kids. The maid servant should be healthy in every way, be neat and clean and live hygienically.

Fourth term is that the age of the maid servant should not be less then 18 years as it is child labor and above 60 years as an old servant would not be able to work as properly as a young maid servant.

Fifth condition is that the maid servant is willing to work and do all the service given to them properly. Next condition is that the employer should have a police verification of the maid servant.

And it is not only maid who got all the responsibilities. We also need to make sure that we treat the maid well. This is to keep the morale of the person high so that he would be to offer his best service to the house.

Also look for the maid service which lies in your budget. You should first clear all the things with the maid service provider about the work that he would be doing and the money that he will be getting. A proper legal agreement should be signed with the maid service provider.

While hiring a maid, we should also look for the experience that maid is having. More experienced the maid is better it is. It would be great if you could talk to the previous employer of the maid. You should also ask the reason of quitting the previous agreement of maid service. A short interview with the maid before employing anyone is always a great idea. In the interview you can ask some basic questions about the maid to get some knowledge about his skills.

In overall, the maid that you hire should be able to take care of your household needs completely. They should be good in cleaning and maintaining things of your house.

Before starting on hiring a maid, you should first take a decision on whether you want a full time maid or a part time one. For full time maid you may also need to take care of their meals during the day and sleeping arrangement as well. – We have very experienced housemaids working with us. We are old players in this field. Please let us know all your requirements in a maid. We will provide you one.
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