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All About Housekeepers Services

A housekeeper is a domestic service expert who has widespread responsibility for the maintenance and cleaning of any specific private household. A housekeeper's primary job duty and responsibility is to maintain the employer's home in a clean and respectable manner at all times. A housekeeper might live in or live out, and might be employed on moreover a full time or a part time basis.

A Housekeeper's first accountability is to keep the home fresh and presentable. Housekeepers might not have official training, but need to have skill working in any of the private home.
The precise duties and skills would differ depending on the size of the home and the candidate's skill level. Housekeepers work in all kinds of homes, from informal homes to formal, multi-staffed homes.

A housekeeper is 'practical’ in the performance of his/her job duty and responsibilities. A housekeeper might even supervise other family staff, but this is not the standard. A housekeeper might be helped out in the performance of his/her duties by the maid as well. A housekeeper's duties might contain any of the following:

Cleaning the internal home and the direct areas outside (patios,
verandas, decks and walks)
Kitchen protection - dishes, cupboards, food store room, counters
and floors.
Taking care of laundry (Clothing & household linens)
Bed making, daily bedding & linen changes
Meal Preparing & Service
Assisting with the food preparation and serving for particular
Grocery shopping and other family errands
Keeping the household supplies completely stocked
Receive & dish up guests
Pet care needs to be done
Plant to be taken care(household)
Silver Polishing
Secure/manage tradesmen/contractors
House-sitting as the employer is out of town
Occasional childcare as well
Household accounting

The position of housekeeper does not entail special education. Skills necessary consist of self starter, time organization, society, tact, integrity, and basic money management and accounting. May be any uniformed staff position. Might even require nutritional training if serving of food planning is required. Housekeeper is supervised by the home owner in smaller
households, and takes care by the Household Manager in larger households and estates properties.

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