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Newport Beach Wedding Photography V. Newport Beach Portrait Photoraphy - Pros And Cons

There are a number of pros and cons a professional photographer should consider before deciding whether to or not to expand grow his business by seeking out weddings or seeking to do more portraits.

Pros of wedding photography v. Portrait Photography are as follows:
In wedding photography there is less of a need for a studio. Renting or purchasing studio space is a major expense for any photographer. If that photographer focuses on weddings, he is less likely to need to rent out studio space since the very nature of shooting a wedding demand that it be on location. Wedding photographers are often asked to shoot engagement portraits as well. While on occasion a couple will ask for an engagement session in a studio, the majority of engagement sessions are done out-of-doors. Hence a photographer who focuses his business on weddings can avoid a studio expense. For the rare occasions when a studio is needed, the photographer can simply rent a studio.

A professional who focuses on portrait photography will be far more likely to need a studio. This is particularly true for those seeking to shoot high school seniors. High school seniors often want a combination of both studio and outdoor location shots. This customer desire would make it difficult for a photographer to base his business on portraits, particularly high school portraits, without adding the expense of a studio.

As far as revenue per event, wedding photography often has a higher floor. Couples realize that their wedding is often a once in a life time opportunity. As a result they and their family plan on spending more for a wedding than, for example, a typical family photo shoot. This rule only applies to typical family shoots.

The downside of a once in a life time opportunity is there is a higher stress and liability level to weddings than there is for a family shoot. A family shoot can almost always be rescheduled lowering the liability level if something were to go wrong. Also, a wedding requires more precise timing. It is imperative that the photographer is at the right place at the right time. Missing a key ceremony shot is not an option. These requirements for weddings create a longer typical shoot and more stress.

The shooting of both weddings and portraits sessions can be lucrative and rewarding. However a professional photographer should evaluate the different advantages and disadvantage of each before deciding on the direction he will take to expand his business.

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Vanessa began her photography business as a Temecula Wedding photographer. She then moved to Orange County. Vanessa is now a Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer who works with a number of Orange County Photographers.

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