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Facial Mask Sheets are better than Regular Facial Masks

Facial Mask Sheets and Regular Face Mask Differences

I read an interesting piece in The Original Beauty Bible that discusses the various facial mask products on the market. The author mentions that the regular masks you buy or spa facial masks are little more than clay, mud, or earth minerals.
Regular Beauty Face Masks

Despite of marketing materials and images of volcanic ash or minerals derived from exotic waters, “the truth is that clay is clay, and its value for the skin is negligible.”

Clay masks do have some benefits though. Mainly the ability to absorb oil but when the mask is removed, it peels off a layer of skin. Do this too many times and it also enlarges your pores.
Peel Off Facial Masks

Peel off facial masks act in the same way as the regular mud or facial masks you wash off but these peel off masks contain a plastic-like hairspray ingredient instead of clay or mud. These facial masks can help make your face feel smoother in the short term.

Full of Marketing Claims

The benefits of these beauty facial masks are insignificant compared to their value and claims. Again, clay is clay and mud is mud. You could say that it contains hundreds of natural minerals but my question is why pay for mud when you dig it up yourself or spend less for better quality products?

There’s no proof or data that shows mud facial masks actually detoxify the skin or improves skin condition. The only proof is that that when your skin peels off, it also removes some of your skin’s intracellular protection and eventually becomes a problem.

Be wary of wild claims made by cosmetic companies. The FDA doesn’t regulate the marketing tactics of companies so be careful about what you believe and buy without checking the facts.

How are Facial Mask Sheets Any Better?

* Concentrated natural ingredients sealed in
* A facial mask sheet will specify its main active ingredient and describe what the purpose is for and for which skin type
* Developed to be the least irritant
* No mess like wash off facial masks
* No peeling of skin. Can do everything a regular mask does and more because of the nutrients and ingredients contained
* Proven data and patented technology certifications available for VANYA products
* Immediate results because face mask sheets moisturize and nourishes as a standard.
* Improvements in skin lasts longer than a spa or beauty facial
* Best value. Affordable and can be used by anyone, anywhere.
* Can put on and off in 10 secs
* Very good for MEN

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