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To Know How Kids Are Being Taken Care Of Parent's Use Nanny Cams

The nanny cam is becoming more and more popular everyday. That's because they are cheap, effective and easy to install. In this article I will explain what a nanny camera is and how you can use it to protect yourself and your family; after all you deserve to be safe. Simply put a nanny cam is a hidden video camera that has been secretly installed in a common object. Nanny cams are hidden cameras that are used by parents to monitor their children. These cameras are named so because they are used by parents to identify abusive nannies and babysitters.

You should not take the safety of your child lightly. Many camera systems used in these applications can be hidden in small objects such as teddy bears, computer speakers, plants and smoke detectors. These cameras are especially useful because they allow you to monitor your nanny's behaviour without them being aware they are being monitored thus allowing there true colors to show. There are many different types of nanny cams available on the market and most are small and wireless so they can be tucked away without being noticed.

You could also get a hidden camera in a teddy bear or alarm clock that shows color and is wireless for a few hundred dollars. Just place the camera in a discreet location within the recommended transmission signal range. Plug the receiver into your computer and it will lock onto the camera's transmission signal. Video is then recorded onto the hard drive of your computer. You can also set it up with software programs that enable you to watch the video live on the internet while you're at work. This will give you the peace of mind knowing what your caregiver is doing. As an added bonus, it keeps you in contact with the daily happenings of your child.

It is most suitable for office use. It generally has a 4-channel operational camera and 8 channels for reception. It produces a resolution of 380 lines for a color camera and 420 lines for a black and white one. You can fit these nanny cameras practically anywhere. The Boom box spy camera is very useful as the boom box is portable and can be shifted to any place in your room. Wireless cameras hidden in books are another popular option as nanny cams. The list of nanny cameras seems endless. Some other objects that can act as hidden cams are computer speakers, lamps, emergency lamps, smoke alarms, VCRs and purses.

Your choice of camera will depend on your requirements including the layout of your home, the distance at which you will be monitoring the images and whether you require recording of these images. In conclusion, Nanny Cams can provide you with a variety of options you just have to decide what's right for you. No one can ever be one hundred percent sure that they have chosen the right childcare provider. What seems too good to be true can often be just that? However, thanks to technology, you can now put to rest the nagging fear and know for sure that your child or children are safe.

By: Todd Martin

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