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When Building An Oc Photography Business, Don't Reinvent The Wheel

There are many industries where success is had by doing things that have never been done before. Companies like eBay created an industry that never existed before. It had to be completely innovative in order to survive. The Orange County photography industry is much the same way. Although over the last 100 years there has been vast technical improvements, at the end of the day the client is still looking for a beautiful image.

Those who try and reinvent the wheel in every aspect of a photography industry will fail. They will be out serviced by those who follow the tried and true activities that work. This doesn't mean there isn't room for innovation. The digital age has changed the way Orange County photography work is completed. It simply means the photography industry is mature. Those who succeed in this industry are those who are best able to implement best practices. The following is a list of best practices that have proven to be successful for thousands of photographers over the years.

1. Build and protect your reputation. Unlike the buying and selling of commodities, the purchasing of photography services is based on reputation and word of mouth recommendations. By building your reputation you will soon find you are being sought out for more jobs and are able to demand higher prices.

2. For the most part, especially if you provide wedding photography services, the majority of your marketing will be towards women. My experience has been that women between the ages of 21 and 45 are still the largest consumers of photography services. While gender roles have changed greatly over the past 100 years, the bulk of your clientele will likely be women. If you do choose not to market to this group, make it a conscious decision. Not one made in ignorance.

3. There are better margins at the top of the market. The growth of thousands of photography businesses can be described as follows: Talented photographers provide quality services. He markets his products. Demand increases. Photographer increases prices. Photographer increases quality. Demand increases further. Photographer raises prices again. This is a tried and true pattern to a successful photography business.

By implementing your business based on these tried and true ideas you can avoid mistakes and follow the pattern that has led thousands of others to success.

By: sj honda

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The author, through photo journalism, provides a unique expressive perspective for weddings, seniors, events, proms and newborns. In addition, she works as a OC Wedding Photographer with a nack for adapting her shooting style for a variety of differnt lcoations. She also teaches photography classes to a number of Newport Beach Photographers

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