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Best Lounges and Bars to Listen to Great Live Music

New York is one of the most happening places in the world with some great restaurants, bars and lounges that keep the nightlife going for the people. There are plenty of places where one can find a comfortable place to sit, have a drink and listen to live music. Music is an integral part of the Americans. It is everywhere and of all genres. Whatever you may like, you will find it in here and in many different settings. If you are looking for spending the night listening to live music, it is never a problem in New York. There are many clubs, bars and lounges throughout New York that features live artists and musicians. You may go downtown and enjoy the jazz groups, indie-rock bands, and other local bands at the Knitting Factory or checkout the Times Square’s BB King Blues Club.

Whatever music you may want to listen or in whatever setting, you can get it in New York. Crowds of all types visit these bars and lounges. Students, Hipsters, seasoned citizens and young professionals. The atmosphere is literally electrifying with some mouth watering cuisines and excellent service. Live music bars and lounges in New York City vary in size and style. Some maintain the garage or basement feel while others go for the sophisticated and posh furnishings of piano lounges. In many of New York live music bars and lounges, star emerge before the unsuspecting crowd making the atmosphere unbelievable.

Some of the most popular lounges and bars in New York City that offer live music is:

Café Wha: voted the top live music venue by Citysearch, Café Wha features a mixture of R&B, Reggae, Classic Rock, and Funk. Some of the best bands perform before the charged up audiences and promises great entertainment for the jam packed audiences. The food served is great and the drinks are reasonable. The service is great.

Pacha NYC: Pacha has more than 25 clubs with loud DJ sets, stunning looking clientele, and the electrifying atmosphere. Pacha delivers the hard core, dance till you drop experience. It has four levels, many VIP rooms, star DJ’s playing the latest music. It has become an important destination for the New York people.

One sixty nine bar: another bar that is a delight for the music lover. Great music being played by local bands and the menu bar makes it a sought out destination for the New York citizens.

Session 73 live music and tapes: Session 73 offers a loud and casual atmosphere with lights hanging from the long chords from the copper bar. It offers great nonstop live music of rock and pop with some of the best bands playing. The bar menu and the service offered is great.

Katwalk Bar and Lounge: Katwalk’s location is its biggest draw. The lounge has big plasma screens that play the latest videos, sports and fashion shows. The music mostly comprises a mix of old and new tracks. The cuisine is delicious and the atmosphere luxurious with soft candle lightning, dark wood paneling and beautiful furnishing.

Erica Maurer

Erica Maurer is a partner at EMRG Media New York's premiere event planning and marketing company. She has done a thorough research on restaurants, event spaces and bars in New York City. To know hot information's about clubbing, dining and lounges in New York City, please visit her website.

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