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Passive Residual Income - Your Key to Online Income Month After Month

If your goal is to build passive residual income month after month, then choosing the right affiliate programs is key to your success. Not all affiliate programs pay recurring commissions and those that do, are not created equal. With a little research, you can sift your way through the weak programs and locate several top tier programs that pay recurring affiliate commissions month after month.

Why should you choose an affiliate program that pays recurring commissions rather than one that pays a commission just once? Good question. The answer is obvious if you want to build a portfolio that pays you passive residual income.

Passive residual income are commissions that come in month after month after you make the initial sale. Most of these types of commissions come from sales of memberships to websites that charge a monthly fee to access their content. Subscription based websites generally fall into this category as well.

The way passive residual income works with affiliate programs is like this. Let's say you have an affiliate link on your site to a online software company and you make a sale. This software requires users to sign up as members in order to use their software every month. Let's say that monthly fee is $30.

Now, you get paid a commission each time someone pays that initial $30. But, unlike the traditional affiliate commission rate schedule that only pays you once, with recurring affiliate commissions you get a percentage of that $30 every month that they continue to pay! If they keep renewing their membership for 2 years, you get paid a percentage of that monthly fee for two years.

Now are you seeing why so many top affiliates concentrate on affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions?

As an added bonus, some recurring affiliate programs will pay on tiers. Let's say that user you signed up also signs up someone under them. Now not only do you get a percentage of that users monthly fee, but you get a percentage of the monthly fee of the person they signed up as well. Pretty sweet deal!

This is the way wise Internet marketers build up a portfolio of passive residual income. Because once the initial sale is made, all they have to do is set back and watch the money roll in month after month. You can see how powerful this wealth building tool is just by having a few people each month sign up. It doesn't take long before you have a nice group of people that you're collecting monthly commissions off of!

One of the easiest programs to get started making passive residual income is the Keyword Crash Course. This affiliate program pays recurring affiliate commissions and has one Tier. That means that not only will you get paid for everyone who signs up under you, but you'll also get paid a whopping 20% of the the fees for the people they sign up! To learn more and take advantage of this great affiliate program, Click here to get started today.

Tony Travis is an Internet marketer who has built up an impressive amount of passive residual income with affiliate marketing programs that pay recurring monthly commissions. He helps beginners learn the ropes and get started making money by finding the right residual income opportunity for them.

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