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How to find a Great Band for Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important life-events and finding the right band to play at your reception can make or break the day. A lot of people use DJ’s because they are less expensive and have a wider range of music but they lack the vibrant and magical atmosphere that can be created with the presence of a good live band. A good wedding band will charge anything between £500 to £2000, but you definitely get what you pay for. Here are some of the considerations in choosing a wedding band:

The Time Of Year

You can expect to pay more for a wedding band in August than if you decide to get married in February. A band that has built up a reputation (especially with agents) as being a good wedding band will usually be in a position to dictate which bookings they want to take, certainly at the busiest times of the year.

The number of people in the band.

What you pay will be split between the members of the band, therefore don't be surprised to find that a nine piece soul band wants more than a four piece! Additionally there is the matter of space; the venue for your evening function may dictate the size of the band you can have, in fact in some cases you may find that due to the size of your function room you will only have room for a disco.

How Long Will The Band Play For?

Live bands will usually play three 45 minute sets or two 1 hour plus sets. Bands prefer to play two longer sets; the reason? 45 minutes of music usually equates to about 10 songs which means that just when you have everyone in the party and dance mood it's time to stop for a break so a one hour plus session will keep all the dancing queens happy.

What Type Of Band Should I Be Looking For?

Simple this one – just because YOU love Pink Floyd, it doesn’t mean you have to have a Pink Floyd Tribute Band! Your wedding guests may not be as appreciative as you. Despite it being 'your day', you have your guests to think about and at most weddings (because of the generations being bridged) you will have to try and please all the people all the time; you may like soul music but will your guests be happy with an entire evening of it?

The other option that some people go for is to have a particular type of Tribute Band (Abba, Commitments, Madonna...). I won't prattle on about these too much other than it is usually best to go through a reputable agent so you know that the "Robbie Williams" you are getting is not just a weekend karaoke pub singer with a shaved head, a James Bond suit and a collection of well dodgy backing tapes! Most Tribute Bands will usually do one 45 - 60 minute set which covers that particular artists greatest hits (which is great if everyone likes that artist and not so great if they don't) so with most tribute acts you will probably also need a dj.

The most popular type of bands for a wedding are those that do ‘covers’. Covers are simply when the band plays a well-known song; this is extremely popular with wedding guests as they can relate to the music being played. The best bands will be able to play some of the all-time classic pieces, but speak to them first and tell them what you are looking for. They should have lots of experience and will be able to give you some advice.

Whatever you do, plan and book early. But most of all – enjoy your wedding day!


About the Author: Mike Armstrong is the owner and webmaster of a Wedding Band website where you can find a great Dance Band for your wedding and the best Wedding Band Hampshire has to offer.

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