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Slimming: Weight Loss Is Not Rocket Science

What with our busy lifestyles getting even more hectic, is it really any surprise that people's health and habits are suffering as a result? It is almost as though the good old fashioned lunch break has for some become an alien concept as they just grab something on the fly and don't have time to actively sit down and enjoy what they have chosen to munch on. In fact I have helped some clients over the years that binge on their bad habits to see them through the day, such as coffee, cola and cigarettes and then scoff down all they can in the evening to attempt to satisfy their hunger. This way of doing things is really just heading for disaster.

A while ago I was helping a young lady with some issues and when I asked her about her diet, sadly I got the same old story. She said that she was too busy to eat during the day as she had a tight schedule and that to compensate she would drink around 16 bottles of cola, smoke and drink coffee throughout the day. The surprising thing was that she said she had a tight schedule - she was only 16 years old! If she didn't seek help, then she could have had a real big problem with trying to resolve this habit as she got older.

Stop and think about your consumption of food. The great thing about weight loss is that it is not rocket science - in fact it is not hard at all - it just takes a bit of motivation to eat the right things at the right time and a bit of drive to keep you active. That's it! There is no need to starve or punish yourself on the treadmill either. All you need is that drive and motivation to do the right thing and eat sensibly and enjoy a reasonable exercise routine. Think long term instead of short term. Lose weight over a year instead of six months. This way you will make your goal more achievable and thus more inevitable.

To increase my clients drive and motivation in slimming I use hypnosis and teach them self hypnosis. As a process, hypnosis reprograms the part of your brain that holds all of your eating habits. We call this part your sub-conscious mind.

If you are serious about using hypnosis to get you to the weight that you want and deserve to be at then I suggest that you try a hypnosis download to get you started today.

Richard MacKenzie
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