Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009

Web Development - Giving New Heights to the Internet

The development field has seen the inception and widespread usage of various technologies like AJAX, LAMP, XML, CSS, DHTML, etc.

It was HTML and only HTML that was burdened with satiating the technical demands of creating websites in the early days of internet. But over the time with the larger dependency of the market on Internet driven services have led to a whole new field in guise of web development.

It is not about static websites; you can find everything on Internet that includes dynamic websites, community portals, e-commerce sites, content management system, Online shopping carts, social communities, blog sites and many more. You can avail any and every service through the relevant sites on Internet. So, whether it is ordering a pizza or transferring money or booking tickets, you perform daily chores just with the click of mouse. And this is all because of the consistent efforts undertaken by the web development.

You can track the progression of the field of web development starting from HTML which incorporated CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). This has been followed by the refined and robust technologies like AJAX, LAMP, DHTML, XML, JOOMLA, DRUPAL etc.

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript with XML) has enabled the transfer of data and its management in a flawless fashion and simultaneously creating and operating on web pages. LAMP is an amalgam of Linux, Apache and My Sql which makes your web site dynamic in nature and also provides the site with the functionality of managing and creating database.

XML (the upgraded version of extensive markup language) is akin to CSS in ways that it separates contents from the layouts. However, it can be implemented in any environment and applications. DHTML is JavaScript adhered with HTML/XHTML is another package that helps websites that are similar in development to AJAX but this is more complicated in design. It is widely used in the design of sites which necessitate user interfaces.

Affordable Web development aims to ease the way we carry our routine business and this is why the field in itself is quite dynamic in nature. Every passing day you can see the subtle differences in the way world goes about business.

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