Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009

Hip New Uses For Old-Fashioned Wedding Decorations

Have you ever noticed how something can be so out of fashion that it can be almost in again? There is a certain chicness about taking a decoration that has been deemed old-fashioned and reclaiming it to use it in a fresh new way. These are some ideas for old-fashioned wedding decorations that can be updated to be hip and stylish.

Like everything else, flowers go in and out of fashion. Sometimes after a while, a flower that has been labelled as decidedly uncool is ready for a revival. This is what is happening with two cast-offs, baby's breath and carnations. Both have long been considered cheap filler flowers that have no business finding their way into elegant wedding centerpieces and bouquets.

The new approach to take with carnations and baby's breath is to use them not as fillers, but grouped en masse on their own. Suddenly, what was an afterthought takes on a startling beauty when it is the main attraction. The round full shape of carnations is perfect for forming round balls like pomanders to hang as wedding decorations or even for bridesmaids to carry in lieu of bouquets. This works even better when you give a wink and a nod to the lowly status of carnations and embrace them in all of their un-natural neon bright colors. The ones that are dyed lime green or bright orange would in fact make fabulous decorations for a modern wedding, when formed into dramatic balls to hang or arranged in dome shapes in simple vessels as centerpieces or on side tables.

Baby's breath, too, is ripe for a revival. The freshest way to use it is also to bundle it in a large mass of blossoms for bouquets or centerpieces. The effect is lacy, romantic, and light-as-air. There is something almost Victorian about the look of an all-baby's breath arrangement. Play this up by using pearl handle wraps on the bouquets, which looks lovely when the bride and her bridesmaids are wearing pearl bridal jewelry. Tiny strands of seed pearls can also be artfully draped over the flowers in the centerpieces, as if the displays were wearing their very own delicate pearl bridal jewelry. Just be sure not to use any roses around the baby's breath to avoid that whole filler flower connotation.

Another old-fashioned wedding decoration that is starting to take on a certain coolness is the vintage bride and groom wedding cake topper. In recent years, the trend has been towards really extravagant and outrageously decorated cakes, leaving the classic bride and groom topper behind. As couples reevaluate their priorities in the current economic climate, however, there is a feeling that sometimes simpler is better, and that fits right in with the idea of using a great vintage cake topper instead of something more elaborate and costly.

There is a retro chic about many of the old wedding decorations, especially if they are used in a hip or slightly ironic way. This brings us to the next item that is ready for a new look, and that is the wedding bell theme. Those three-dimensional crepe paper bells used to be a standard decoration at weddings and bridal showers, but they have long since been pushed aside as being, well, a bit tacky. With the current love of all things vintage-inspired as well as unique but inexpensive d├ęcor items, the crepe-paper wedding bells are ready for a resurgence. The key to pulling them off is to combine them with other more overtly stylish design elements to create an intentional look.

It is really fun to break the mold and to create a wedding that is unlike the rest of the summer's affairs. It is even more fun when you realize that you were on the cutting edge of a new revival or trend. Revamping some of the old-fashioned wedding decorations in a chic new style is the perfect way to give your wedding an original look.

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