Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Hidden Spy Cam - Beneficial and Effective Innovation - Wireless Hidden Pen Camera

I am the head of the education department which means I am the principal of a college where many children of all families come there to study. All the rich and the poor students are treated alike in the college premises. There are various departments in the college premises and various teachers are also appointed to take care of the children. I have a separate cabin where I have to follow all the proceedings with extra care and see that there are no troubles created in the college premises. After a few days I started getting complaints from some of the parents that their children are given ill treatment in the college just because they are not financially good and they are poor and that they do not wear good clothes or carry expensive stationery with them, which means not only the other children but also the teachers were involved in teasing these children. They were usually teased during the class hours. When I got such complaints I had to take appropriate action against the culprits but equally I needed evidence so that I could punish them for their offense. I could merely not take against them without any proof in my hand because even I had to answer my higher authorities. Anyhow I decided that I will handle this situation with intelligence without any body's help. I logged on to the site where I got all the possible information about the various hidden cameras, the spy cameras and hoe they are beneficial to us and I decided that I will buy a Wireless Hidden Pen Camera because this 2.4GHz camera has everything in it including a transmitter, a RCA cable, receiver, battery set and a control adapter for the receiver. I just had to set the receiver to the video inlet on the TV, VCR or the Monitor screen and watch the recordings.

Indeed this sparkling and eye catching pen was the essential device which could help me to survey the actions of the culprits very effortlessly. With just a simple push to the tip of the pen and it starts its work with perfection giving a transmission range up to approximate 60m of area of coverage. I simply kept this Wireless Hidden Pen Camera in the pen holder which was kept on the desk of the room where the teachers against whom I was getting constant complaints about. The teachers and the children were least aware that now all their actions were being trapped in the camera and then they would be punished for their misbehavior. When everything is planned properly and when we have such innovative devices, then obviously there is no space for any mistakes. Gradually I gathered enough evidence against the teachers and the children who were creating trouble in the college premises and I reported the matter to the higher authorities with evidence and quick action was taken against them and all the parents and the students were happy that at last their problem was solved and even I was excited that I got the opportunity to save the innocent with the help of the innovative Wireless hidden pen camera.

Raul Crasmin

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