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Various Professional Rental Rooms Information for London

We have been actively advising on property rental since 1998, so we are confident that we know something about the rental market. The Directors felt that a much needed emphasis was required to ensure the process of renting rooms would benefit both the landlords as well as tenants. It will pave the way to lay a much needed infrastructure that is required in the private rented sector so that the market could benefit from this unique service which is not currently being provided on a national level. We are hopeful that this will help to provide a regulatory safe secure process in the residential rental field market.

With the research beginning in 2006 the team took to finding useful and practical links for which to build the foundation. And for this reason ROOMLETS4U.CO.UK was created.

ROOMLETS4U.CO.UK is an interactive online service catering for landlords/ tenants who wish to rent individual rooms within a property.

This service is available to Resident Landlords & non-resident landlords as well as tenants of a wider spectrum. ROOMLETS4U.CO.UK will be the main terminal via the internet to offer a service to Landlords/ tenants who will be able to view rooms online. This concept although used by various other organisation will distinctly offer a level of service not seen prior.

A landlord will need to satisfy through a variety of questions that their property has been adapted for room lets and that the landlords has satisfied all the criteria required for room lets. They will be required to scan and post on the website their documents which would be a requirement for using our services. If any information is left blank pop up appears requesting that the information in all fields needs to be completed prior to moving to next stage.

1. Valid NicEic certificate
2. Valid Gas CORGI certificate,
3. A valid Building insurance document,
4. Proof of Ownership.

Digital photographs of the internal property will be required to be uploaded onto the site. We will require 1 photograph of each, Kitchen, Lounge, (dining room if separate), bathroom, Garden (if applicable): 2 photographs of the bedroom and where applicable room measurement in SQ FT & M2. 2 photograph's of (if applicable of ensuite bathroom)

Furthermore we would also seek to ensure other matters are also applied (listed below)


1. The property is in good decorative order and free from any structural damage.
2. The property must be installed with a mains fitted smoke detector.
3. The property must be installed with a Carbon Monoxide detector as mandatory
4. Landlord must have a valid NicEic certificate
5. Landlord must have a valid Gas CORGI certificate (renewed annually)
6. All rooms must be fitted with a Fire Check door and have a minimum of 30 minutes of fire proof time.
7. All bedrooms are fitted with a 5 tier mortise lock.
8. All bedrooms must have the basic necessity of furniture provided:

• Double bed (no budget beds)
• Free standing/ Fitted Wardrobe
• Side dressing units
• Vanity sink with mains water (hot & cold) (optional)*
• Shower cubicle (optional)*

9. Sufficient ventilation
10. Sufficient Lighting in Bedroom
11. Curtains & Net Curtains to compliment the bedroom
12. Good Quality Carpets
13. Windows Should be easily accessible to open & close

What would ROOMLETS4U.CO.UK offer tenants?

ROOMLETS4U.CO.UK will allow tenants to choose rooms which are selected for professional and or other tenants. There are currently 7 categories to choose from, which would allow tenants to choose the property which is adapted for their needs. We would ensure that the landlords are complying with all aspects of the current legislation surrounding room rental and property rentals.

Tenants will be confident that the rooms procured via ROOMLETS4U.CO.UK have only been provided once they have gone through a rigorous screening process.

This will ensure that quality rooms are procured for quality tenants. This is our main focus of ROOMLETS4U.CO.UK and part of our mission statement.

Tenants who join through us may ask us to deal with an issue which they have raised with a landlord but the landlord has refused to carry out certain works or remedy a problem. If a landlord does this and we feel that a landlord is ignoring our policy we will add as a mark informing other users that this landlord is a negative landlord and must watch out for them. All details and outcomes will be posted on a red background to make viewers aware.

There are various aspects of ROOMLETS4U.CO.UK services which have not been mentioned, simply for competition purposes. We anticipate on launching this new exciting service in January 2009, where both landlords and tenants would be able to take advantage of such a unique service never seen before.

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