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New Home Construction - 7 Design Musts Before You Begin Construction

During my work over the last six years in the retail flooring and design Industry I have learnt a great deal. Whether you are renovating or considering a New Home Construction. There are seven things that you need to consider before you begin.

1. Your personal style

What are your tastes. Do you prefer clean lines, bright colors, soft fabrics, rustic stones, wood, flowers? Consider not only what you would enjoy for years to come, but what will fit in the neighbourhood.

2. Budget

It is important to determine your budget before starting the building process. A budget can be easily disregarded and you will not enjoy your home longterm if incoming bills create resentment.

3. Size and Model of Home

Make sure that you know the size of the home matches the property selected. This will avoid any costly future revisions and construction delays.

4. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle will determine your design choices. Children, pets and social interaction will direct you to research features including stain resistance, durability and products that match your activities.

5. Future Plans

Are you building a dream home that you will live in the rest of your life or a temporary home that you will sell in a couple of years. Your commitment needs to match your selections and will determine your budget.

6. Location

Your design choices need to not only compliment other homes in the selected area, but must also meet the market standards.

7. Contractor Details

It is important to determine who will be completing all contracts for your home. Sub-contractors, custom home builders or your own skills are a few options.

The important thing about designing any home begins with the planning. Think about what you want and talk with a Design Consultant who will assist in your project planning.

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