Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Hip Operation North East Live Music at it's Finest

Hip Operation
This band is somewhat of a phenomenon the North of England. They continue to play the most prestigious venues and parties around.
The band formed around seven years ago. Experienced bandleader Steve Dolder collected some old friends and some new to creating an exiting high-energy live band delivering the best in live music you will have heard. The line up had to include a brass section, but not a bunch of old timers, instead some younger guys who had the ability to dance and play simultaneously, a rare feat today. He then recruited a singer not unlike the great Paul Carrack to front the band and with the voice and attitude to match it was a great appointment. He then had to lure a guitarist away form his studio, having spent twelve years in Los Angeles Chris Roe was ready to work. The combination of these six people produces a great feel good effect which becomes infectious amongst any audience both young or old. They have played over 1000 gigs as this line up, some large corporate events, Christmas Party residencies to smaller intimate weddings and gatherings. As entertainment goes it gets no better.
The band always presents itself well, they are fully self contained with intelligent lighting and a mighty KV2 Audio PA system. Kv2 are rapidly becoming one of the most sort after sound reinforcement systems in the world.
So with a voice like Paul Carrack a fully mobile brass section with all the moves and driving rhythm section this entertains full on.
Hip Operation have been asked to provide live music for the very prestigious Hilton Hotel Gateshead Christmas season. After 2 successful and enjoyable years at St james Park we are delighted to except the engagement. The band has been working hard on new material which is beginning to pay dividends as the workload for 2009 has increased dramatically.
Due to the recognition in this field of live music and entertainment the demand has become apparent for the band now offer a new range of services. The band can augment its line up to a 14 piece band producing a night of swing music which is proving exceptionally popular at both weddings and charity events and private parties. This appeals to those possessing deeper pockets! The band also now provide musical packages for your wedding or event including string quartets, jazz duos, solo singers, solo musicians, harpists and DJ's the list goes on.... they have become a one-stop shop for the regions entertainment requirements.
It is well worth visiting to see how this North East phenomenon works and continues to break new ground

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