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Slimming Tips- Small Changes is required on your eating habit

Slimming Tips- Small Changes is required on your eating habit

Habit is formed after we repeat the same thing for times…

Let’s start by consuming plenty of water a day, at least 8 glasses, do not count on coffee, tea or soft drinks. Having full glass of water before meal.

Increase fruits intake and eat it as snack rather than junk food. Apple is can be one of the choice.

An Apple a Day not only keeps the Doctor away also keeps FAT away. Apples have natural sweet, making yourself an apple juice without any sugar will be able to “save” your sugar craving. Natural sugars in fruits are always better than processed sugars

Apples having Soluble fiber which contains gums and pectin. This type of fiber helps to lower cholesterol levels and controls blood sugar. Fiber helps your digestive system to process food so it will definitely help you on weight loss.

Have three of those fruits, which contain rich fiber a day as snacks and the pounds will peel off within 2 weeks.

Do simple but sufficient exercising

Easy way to burn off FAT, do a 3-10minute non-stop running up your stairs or you may keep your body moving, do a recreational running while watching TV or listening music.

Those simple activities will help on speeding up your metabolism, faster metabolism is equals to faster weight loss.

Start making it as habit to move more, eat well, have healthy food and lifestyle, carry it on together with your family and friends.

Those are simple ways, which does really help on losing more weight.

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