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Biodiesel versus Compressed Natural Gas

As the fuel prices are rising, we tend to look at alternative fuels and start to compare the various alternatives. In fact, that is about the only way to find out which one is the best. You want to find out what alternative fuel is going to save you the most money and be the best for your vehicle and the earth.
You must consider a number of factors. Do not make a choice blindly just because it seems to be what everyone else is doing. Study the facts on hand so you can decide more objectively.
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
CNG, Compressed Natural Gas, is an alternative fuel. It is mostly available only in in California, although it can be found randomly throughout the United States. The CNG fuel can only run CNG based vehicles. It can be made at home through a special unit available mostly from manufacturers of CNG vehicles.
The negative feedback is that CNG emits high levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.Also it provides less power than regular fuel. CNG, however, is quite inexpensive compared to other fuels
Looking at Biodiesel
Biodiesel is a fuel alternative whose inputs include vegetable oil, lye and ethanol. It is a safe fuel since it is not highly susceptible to explosion and fire. It runs smooth and offers the same level of power as regular diesel fuel Biodiesel can also run any diesel vehicle.
Biodiesel can be sourced out from gas stations around the country. You can also %LINK1%. Biodiesel is environment friendly since it burns cleanly and produces no significantly level of emissions.
Bottom Line
The bottom line between CNG verses biodiesel is that biodiesel is much more user friendly. You can get it easier because it is readily available. You are not required to invest on equipment to make it either. Biodiesel production is doable since inputs are readily available from commonly used everyday items .
Biodisesel is found to be safe to use. It is environment friendly since it contains no pollutive components. Moreover, it runs your vehicle the same way a regular fuel does.
CNG may be fine for people who live in California where it is available or who have the money to buy a CNG vehicle. For those outside California without much fund to acquire a CNG vehicle or the required CNG equipment for refueling, the CNG fuel is a better choice.

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