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Finding the Perfect Tent for Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

I love summer weddings. My favorite weddings are the ones held outdoors under a pop up tent or some custom printed canopies with a cool summer breeze blowing through them.

Outdoor weddings are often magical and unforgettable events and yet they bring some not-so-magical realities when it comes to planning from bare logo tents needing to be decorated to a gazillion cars and no place to park them all Yet despite all of the pitfalls, planning an outdoor wedding reception is well worth the time and effort.

Outdoor weddings beneath custom printed canopies both are romantic and beautiful. However, planning one and seeing it through isn't quite as easy as you may think. A wedding reception held outside with graphic tents comes with its own set of caveats and pitfalls

. Try a few of these following tips, and you'll be sure to shine on the day of your wedding. Location and size Once you've found a few local pop up tent vendors, it is important to consider the size of the location where your wedding reception is being held. If this particular outdoor location has limited space to hold graphic tents, you may be force to look elsewhere. When measuring the area, keep in mind that larger logo tents require space on all sides of the tent for poles and such. Guests The amount of guests is the next point to consider. The size of the guest list plays a huge role in the size of the logo tents you'll need. If your reception is smaller and more intimate, smaller printed canopies are more suitable.

Larger crowds will mean larger tents, obviously. Figure out the number of people you will need for your logo tents to accommodate everyone comfortably. Be sure to allot for everything requiring space such as dance floors, stages, banquet tables and such. Theme Think about what type of reception you are holding. Is it a sit-down dinner with round tables or banquet tables? Is your reception going to more cocktail party and need only a few tables and chairs? Time and season The time and season your reception is an important factor to think about when the printed canopies and tables set up as well as the amount of lighting needed. If your reception takes place in the afternoon with a cocktail party set-up, smaller custom printed canopies with no additional lighting are perfectly acceptable.

Now you can see why many people are choosing an outdoor wedding beneath printed canopies as opposed to the traditional and boring indoor type. A beautiful reception under logo tents with a sunset in the backdrop is much more personal than any hotel ballroom. It allows being more creative from the start and creating the atmosphere. It's the wedding you always dreamed about from start to finish.

Susan Slobac

Susan Slobac writes about outdoor canopies and pop up canopy tents.

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