Kamis, 17 September 2009

Buffet Catering For Any Occasion

Buffet catering is like a magical word on an invitation or an event that adds that 'draw' factor for people to come and enjoy the festivities. Its customisability, 'own time own target' factor truly appeals to the eater at heart. Not everyone likes to wait for their food in stages, course dinners or lunches are sometimes quite slow and do not fit the pace of everyone at the table.

Also, course meals allow people to taste a single dish at any one time, and if everyone knows Singaporeans, we like to mix our food up and see how the different tastes collide into a cyclone of flavour and savour, circling our mouths in different perspectives. Buffet catering is the Singapore way of eating and for me, there is nothing more splendid that rows and rows of metal containers slowly heating, holding a promise of something hot, something spicy, something delicious and something I would really like to get my hands on as fast as I can.

Queuing up just adds to the expectation, but for those of you who do not like to wait (admittedly like me), then modern buffet catering does not reflect the normal take as you go single file eating experience we see at wedding ceremonies of old. Modern and contemporary buffet eating experiences are quite customisable and the trays of food are quite spaced out, so that you can pick your battle grounds and have almost militaristic precision when it comes to how your plate will come out at the end of the day. Catering in Singapore used to be limited to just local fares like Malay food, Chinese delicacies and of course, the ever popular and immensely sought after South and North Indian buffet. Now, the options are simply incredible.

One look at the list of companies and food entrepreneurs that are offering catering for special events and you will really be sitting there wondering if you can ditch the tentage and speakers - just so you can add one more type of buffet to the list. Mediterranean, Indonesian, Western, Portuguese, Spanish, every Asian colour you can think of, African, Intercontinental - these are just some of the examples of buffet catering that is available in Singapore. From 'chimi cangas' to 'fish and chips' - you can have all the flavours of the world uniting in gastronomy at your event, ladled to plates, a mingle of culture and colour, spices and stories - if you can afford it of course.

No matter what buffet catering you choose, the Singapore style will stand out; its red and white of eyeing the simmering food while the ceremony is going on, planning which part of the buffet line to attack first and inching slowly out of seating position so that one can launch out of chair, out of mind to the buffet line and eat to one's heart's content. If there is anything you want to do, be assured that there is a buffet catering to suit any taste and any occasion - right in the heart of Singapore.

Singapore is a beautiful country located in South East Asia. Besides being well known for its Singapore Tourist Attractions. You must also try out Singapore local food whenever you visit Singapore.

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