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Clowning - Clowning For Birthdays

Imagine a kid's party or birthday party without a clown? How it appears? Isn't it dull and boring? Honestly, if you are throwing a kid's party or birthday for your child, one of the considerations is fun. The merrier, the better. So, how do you get into merriment? Simply, you need a clown party and that would spell a difference. A clown for party will surely capture the attention and interest of your guests and most of all it will give joy and light moments to the celebrants.

If you're not an expert or have no idea, becoming a clown is really tedious. It requires skills and talents plus those acrobatics that will surely capture their moments. This is now where you need help. You need to imbibe that "Clown Personal" so you may have an idea what it takes to be a clown. If you have read my last article about clowning 101, you will have seen that I have mentioned tapping into your "inner clown". It sounds ridiculous but when the chips are down and your back is against the wall, when you feel like you will lose it and duct tape a few kids to the ceiling then you will be happy that you did tap into the inner clown!

The point that I am raising here is simple. If you are planning to make a party and you want to be the clown for the party, you can do so. How? Well, paint yourself to look like a clown plus a costume. After that, you start becoming a clown.

Another point, you don't have to spend much. Laughing is not about being so expensive. It is about being creative. You can always use something from your own closet or borrow some of your husband's clothes. Either way, your closet is a gold-mind for dress up; you just have to unlock and let out your inner child.

And since it is a kid's party, encourage the active participation of the kids around. Do not monopolize, as if you own the entire moments. Take note, it is not your moment. It is for the children and you are simply there to give them joy and fun. So, let your kids get involved and help you with the process of getting dressed up as a clown. They have very good input to add; they do indeed want to be heard, and a child's perspective is always valuable.

Now, that you are ready, be yourself. When I say be yourself that means, let out your inner child. By doing so, you can think of things to do with the kids or for the kids that yourself wanted as a child. Maybe you liked it when people made balloon animals for you. You can do the same for the children at the party. Even if you are a novice and bust a few balloons, try to do it in a funny way and the child will laugh and have fun even if they don't get the animal that you were trying to make for him or her in the first place. The only thing that counts is that you tried and that is what the child will remember.

You can also do a few magic tricks or tell a few jokes. Enjoy the time that you are spending with the children. Why? It is because you are creating a valuable memory for these children and as time passes by there will be one special child that will remember what you did that day at the party and it will be a wonderful memory. After all, it was the day that they saw their friend's parent become a clown.

All these are memories worth keeping for and for you always take into consideration that you must let yourself laugh, too.

As a child one of Adrianna's favorite memories was the visits to the Circus. She loved all the antics of the clown's and the wonderful color and happy atmosphere that everyone demonstrated while attending "The Big Top." Because Adrianna is a firm believer in laughter and fun, she began looking into all aspects of Circus history and life. Our focus is on the art of becoming a clown, in particular. We are offering a FREE report on, "Clowning, How To Be A Clown." You will benefit from her years of research making her an expert of sorts.

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