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Make Up Artists

Make up artists are the people who apply make up to fashion and photographic models, actors and other performers involved in stage, film and television productions, brides and clients for special occasions. They are artists in the sense that they can transform your looks phenomenally within a short time. Make up artists apply make up and arrange hair styles for presenters, performers and members of the public, who appear on the small and silver screens. They possess a thorough knowledge of make up and hair techniques including basic cutting and barbering.

Make up artists work in beauty saloons, retail stores and in large hotels also. And, in the medical profession they offer camouflage and expert techniques to mask disfigurements following injury or surgery. Make up artists work indoors in studios, or in temporary rooms when working on location. In a movie or TV production, the make up designers and chief make up artists research and design the make up necessary for the cast. They use elaborate make up and wigs for costume dramas, using materials to change the shape of a face, or making scars and wounds for horror films. They mediate closely with producers, directors, costume designers, hairdressers and also with the performers. They have to own an extensive make up kit for each job, although larger productions usually offer a make up budget.

To become a make up artist you should like working with people. You should have a strong and visual sense and a creative imagination. You should be able to communicate well at all levels, listen and empathize. You should possess stamina and also the confidence and tact to suggest changes to improve an individual's appearance. You should able to work under pressure and as well as a part of a team.

There are no academic requirements set for becoming a make up artist. A number of courses are offered by a variety of colleges and training centers with various entry requirements. After the make up course, it is usual to train on the job in film and TV, by assisting experienced make up artists.

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