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Embroidery VS Screen Printing on Your Company Uniforms?

Logos play a vital role in helping a company achieve its identity. However, the benefit that a company or business can get out of using logos extends far beyond this. Since logos are typically associated with a company it has been registered to, it does make a valuable advertising tool as well. Having a logo enables potential customers identify your company and your services. Therefore, many companies have opted to imprint their logos on uniforms to easily recognize people associated with the company.

Since printing or embroidering of logos on the uniforms of a company's personnels, they evaluate how designs are produced. This is vital because having that logo will serve quite a few purpose: as a promotional item, company recognition and image.

Screen Print

This technique utilizes ink blocking stencils to reproduce your desired design into the chosen garment. Once the ink has been transferred, it is then reflected into the shirt as images that will form the company's logo on the uniform. It goes through several procedures to ensure that the ink is well distributed into the garment.

Although this can be used mostly on garments, screen printing is also possible for other types of materials like clock, decals, watch faces, and some other products most people believe are not associated with screen printing.


Custom embroidered shirts or uniforms are common these days. Indeed, bearing the company logo on your personnel uniforms will not only reflect the kind of image you want people to think of your company but will also serve as effective promotional apparels. Since most companies also implement uniform dress codes to their employees, incorporating embroidered company logo or name into the uniform will make the uniform more appealing.

Embroidering logos into the uniform follows the same technique as you would when printing materials using ink. However, with embroidery you are using stitches to form the image of the logo.

Embroider logos on uniforms achieve quite a few benefits:

*Sets you apart from rival companies
*Establish image of the company, whether casual or corporate
*It is quite affordable as opposed to other means of having your logos in the uniform

Determine Your Budget

If you want to customize the company uniform by including the logo, you must first determine the budget. There are quite a few factors that determine the cost of customizing your uniforms by including the logo. Therefore, you need to recognize those factors and make the proper adjustments especially when you have a limited budget.

If you want to use the screen print method, it can be quite expensive when you use more colors on the logo. On a whole, embroidery is more expensive as compared to screen printing but you can also opt to simplify the logo to use less stitches. By then, you will also reduce the cost of having your uniforms embroidered.

But if you can take the slight difference in the cost provided that you get better quality, then embroidery is the best option for you. The quality of result with embroidered logos is far better than in screen printing, and yet costs may not vary greatly.

Materials To Be Used

The type of materials to be used is another consideration that you would have to make. Other materials produce better results with embroidery than screen printing, and vice versa.

For instance, when you are using polyester or cotton, this will produce better image results when you use screen printing methods. Meanwhile, embroidered logos have more longevity and work better with some other types of materials.

If you are using rough-surfaced garments or thick materials, then you need to embroider the logo. Another advantage with using embroidered logo over screen printing is that the latter is more likely to peel off after a certain period of time.

Screen Print or Embroider?

Since there are several variable factors that could come into play when choosing which method to use, you need to consider each one of them. After all, when you use the company's logo in the uniform, you want it to be of the best quality possible. Consider your options below:

*Embroidered logos are able to withstand over long period of time as opposed to screen printing since the printed logo could eventually peel off, especially with repeated washing.

*Screen printing logos have limited possibilities. When used on company uniforms, they are good only for casual look. If you want a more professional and corporate image, embroidered logo is more suitable. When used on polo shirts, it exudes a classic and formal appeal.

*Overall, embroidering your company's logo on the uniform produce better quality as compared to screen printing.

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