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Eternal Bouquets - Unique Bridal Accessories For Beach Weddings

When you're planning your UK beach wedding, there are so many details to consider. Wouldn't it be great to have one important part of your wedding, the flowers, handled by experts and wouldn't it also be great if those elegant flowers never withered and died? All this is possible if you choose bridal accessories like bouquets that are hand crafted by expert artisans from materials like freshwater pearls, sparking Swarovski crystals and gleaming glass seed beads. Created to last a lifetime, these eternal wedding accessories can be designed to compliment both your dress and your wedding's colour scheme. Here's some information about these essential beach wedding bridal accessories.

Bouquets for a Beautifully Coordinated Seaside Look

Take a moment to study both your dress and the jewellery you'll be wearing. Chances are your dress is embellished with various decorative elements and that your jewellery was chosen to enhance both your dress, whether or not you plan to wear a wedding veil or bridal tiara. When designing your bouquet, you should also consider the style, tone and character of your wedding. Beach weddings are exceedingly popular and by their very nature, they tend to be somewhat casual in tone. But many times, these weddings do have classic or traditional touches. Your bouquet should reflect both the casual and traditional elements of your seaside wedding.

Essential Design Elements for Your Beach Wedding Bouquet

Creamy freshwater pearls or Swarovski pearls are a great choice for an elegant bouquet that echoes the wedding's marine theme. Iridescent beads that glimmer with a rainbow of colours are also good to include. Tiny seed beads that are iridised, clear or pearlised will continue this custom look. Finally, pewter seashell charms add a truly custom look to this important wedding accessory. The colours of the bouquet should be inspired by the sea and shore, so soft blues and greens are a good choice. You can also add accents like ivory or white ribbon and elegant gold or silver metallic touches that will gleam in the sun. Stems are generally silver plated and then bound with white or ivory satin ribbon, depending on your dress's colour. An organza bow surrounding the bouquet is a great choice to finish this beach-inspired look.

With a little forethought and planning the bouquet for your UK seaside wedding will pull together a variety of traditional and contemporary bridal accessories and elements for just the right look.

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