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Classic Bridal Makeup - The Perfect Wedding Day Look (Part 1 - Foundation)

There are many ways of achieving a classic bridal makeup look. In reality, a classic look is soft and beautifully balanced. It consists of flattering colors that give a timeless look and reflects impeccable style.

It never goes out of style.

It is definitely clean, neutral, sophisticated and polished. You want to look at your wedding photos for many years to come without saying: "What was I thinking?"

The best way to avoid this is to choose a neutral makeup color palette that best compliments your particular skin tone, eye and hair color. Although many women suit cool colors best, you can easily wear warm ones too. It's one way to keep things toned down and natural.

Also, be sure to coordinate your makeup to some extent with your wedding color theme and time of the year. If you have a fall wedding and have chosen a theme made up of warm fall colors, it's best to choose makeup colors in this palette. In other words, pink and lilac pastels may not be the most suitable choice. Let your theme colors guide you into what makes you comfortable.

If you prefer cool makeup colors and suit them better altogether, remember that there are many neutral cool colors to choose from also. It is always possible to have a warm color theme and cool makeup palette. You just need to know how to pick them. Altogether, the neutrals are the classic colors that will keep your scheme well balanced.

A classic makeup style looks great on anyone. Of course, the makeup colors and application techniques can be modified slightly but it is in my opinion, the foundation to the perfect bridal makeup look. Of all styles, this is my favourite one. I hope it inspires you.

Basic step by step guide on how to accomplish this timeless look.

Before you begin makeup application, be sure to prepare skin properly.


- Before using your foundation, apply M.A.C Strobe Liquid. This formula produces a soft, natural-looking glow and leaves the skin looking healthier and more radiant.

- Next, apply foundation, tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup. Always consider wearing some form of foundation on your wedding day. It makes your look.

- Use a concealer if needed for blemishes, dark under eye circles and any other areas of concern. It is important to cover up any redness on your face as these areas will be amplified in your photos.

- Now, apply powder in the same tone as your foundation with a large powder blush. Do this sparingly - you don't want a "caked" look. Plus, you will likely be building up your powder application throughout the day and night - you don't want too many layers.

Remember, it is highly recommended that you wear some form of foundation for your wedding. Of all makeup application steps, avoid leaving this one out. It will balance your entire look.

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