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Top 3 Outback Restaurant Chicken Recipe Recommendations

Outback Restaurant chicken recipes are some of the best entrees in the restaurant industry. I know what you are thinking. Isn’t Outback a steak house? Well, it is a steakhouse, but Outback Restaurant Chicken recipes are just as good as their steaks. My wife is not a big steak person, so I can take her with me to Outback to order their chicken recipes. I order a steak, and she orders a chicken recipe. Recently I tried an Outback chicken recipe, and I was amazed at how great it was. Now I am trying all of their chicken recipes.

There are three recipes that I recommend. If you are not going to order steak at Outback, you MUST try the Alice Springs Chicken. This is one of the most popular items on the menu. The Alice Springs chicken is grilled and it includes bacon, sautéed mushrooms, Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese smothered with honey mustard sauce. To top it off, you get a heaping serving of Outback mashed potatoes. You can not go wrong with this entrée (unless you are on a diet!) Even if you are planning to order steak, you can order the appetizer version of this dish, the Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla appetizer.

Outback has other chicken entrees if you want to watch the calories. Try the Chicken on the Barbie. This delicious recipe includes BBQ sauce instead of honey mustard and it includes veggies instead of mashed potatoes. If you love your BBQ sauce with chicken, then I personally recommend this entrée. The grilled chicken will be served nice and juicy.

Lastly, I would like to recommend the classic Chicken Caesar salad. The Outback restaurant Caesar salad is NOT just another salad, and if you order this side item, you will see what I mean!

Outback is one of my favorite restaurants. I would like to be able to eat out more often, but that is hard to do in these tough economic times.

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