Senin, 14 September 2009

Men's Wedding Band Prices

The best method to shop for a suitable men's wedding band is to first look around and get to know what is available. A good place to start would be your nearest jewelry store. You will be able to physically examine different bands. Use this opportunity to get your finger sized and get familiar with different varieties and prices.

Start looking at catalogues featured on online jewelry stores. You will be amazed at the wide range of men's wedding bands on display.

Simple gold wedding bands can start at $125 and the prices rise as features are added. The quality of gold, the thickness of the ring, engraving, setting with gemstones, etc., can hike up the prices considerably. A 14k yellow gold band set with a few diamonds could set you back about $700.

A simple platinum men's wedding band is often priced around $145. Varying thicknesses will result in a variation in cost.

Men's wedding bands set with diamonds start as low as $175. The quality of diamond and the type of metal it is set in are features that will affect the price. The size and cut of the diamond is an important feature. Solitaires are the most expensive and need a good setting to be displayed flatteringly. Platinum bands set with good quality diamonds can cost $1000 and more.

Generally 14-carat gold is used to make most of the gold wedding bands set with diamonds. They can be set in 18-carat or 24-carat on demand. Classy gold bands with diamonds can be purchased between $500- $750.

Men generally do not like to spend much on jewelry. In that case 9 carat gold wedding bands can be purchased. These will be easy on the pocket and they look good too. These bands are available in the price range of $125-$200.

Stainless steel wedding bands are also pretty inexpensive. These bands are popular because of the macho look they project.

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