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Women's Apparel - 7 Career Dos and Don'ts to Dress for Success

As a business woman, you have to project a professional appearance. You also have to be aware of the styles and trends in women apparel. But too often the trends on the runway don't translate into office wear, and we end up undermining our professionalism.

Here are 7 dos and don'ts to dress for success at work.

Do: Invest in your business wardrobe. A classic suit still goes a long way to making an impact. To update it, you can add a fresh color in your accessories, and add some personal flare in your shoes, watch, handbag and jewelry.

Do: Invest in good quality accessories. A good watch is noticed and lasts for many years. A leather handbag, and shoes that are the newest shape, can look serious yet up to date. The small details of your outfit can make all the difference

Do: Tailor your clothes. Nipping in a jacket or skirt so it fits your body perfectly can make a $200 suit look like a $600 suit. It's amazing what a small nip and tuck can do.

Do: Pay attention to grooming. It pays to spend money on a good haircut because your hair is one of the first things people notice. Make sure your nails are polished in a neutral shade, and that your makeup is subtle, and highlights your best features.

Don't: Over-accessorize: nothing makes you look unprofessional like too much bling at the office. Save the snazzy stuff for the weekend.

Don't: Wear too much perfume. Keep your scent very subtle for the day. Remember that you may be working in close quarters with other people. They should only smell your perfume when they are standing next to you - not from three feet away.

Don't: Show too much skin. Showing cleavage, too much leg, your midriff, or any body part meant to be covered, will drastically limit your career moves. Dress to impress by showing your conservative side at the office. Remember - business is business.

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