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Features of the 'Ameda Purely Yours' Breast Pump

Congratulations on your soon to be new addition to the family or arrival or your new baby if you have already delivered! Either way it's a very exciting time, and somewhat stressful time as well. You have a lot of decisions to make and every mom wants to make sure that she makes the right ones so everything goes great for baby. Choosing the right breast pump is one of those decisions. There are many reputable and good performing pumps on the market so choosing one can be difficult. This article focuses on one of the best selling pumps, the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump.

1) Piston driven. The motor is driven by pistons, unlike many other top selling brands, which creates a more powerful and durable motor. It can withstand the stress and wear and tear of every day use and pumps the milk out quickly.

2) Light. The Ameda Purely Yours breast pump is one of the lightest and most compact pumps around. It weighs just about one pound and is perfect for traveling with or taking back and forth to work.

3) Individual suction control. You can run each breast under different strength of suction. Any mom who has had engorgement issues knows how important this feature is.

4) You don't have to clean the tubes! The design is brilliant and keeps the tubes free of germs and bacteria so cleaning them in unnecessary.

5) Triple power source option. You can run this pump off of a battery, car battery or electricity.

6) Utilizes a patented milk collection system that keeps dripping or leaks to an absolute minimum.

Doing research when choosing the right breast pump for you is critical! Different pumps are good for different moms and specific needs. I found a great website that offers customer reports and recommendations on all the top selling breast pumps. It reviews the Ameda Purely Yours and several other top sellers. It's called Best Breast Pump Directory.
The Medela In Style Pump is the best selling pump on the market today. I have never personally used it but I have heard good things. You can learn about this pump at Medela In Style Breast Pump

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