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What Does a Makeup Artist Do?

Make-up artists are artists who work with make-up and prosthetics for theatre, television, film, magazines, and other media including all those activities involved in modelling such as advertisements, photography, fashion shows, etc. Sometimes the make-up artist is responsible for hair styling of the person as well.

While this may not seem like a very sustainable career choice, make-up artists do very well for themselves in the industry if they can prove that they are maestro. The entertainment industry even has awards for excellent make-up jobs such as the Academy Award for Makeup and some awards in the Emmys as well.

There are different areas in which a makeup artist can excel. For example, Fashion makeup artists are specialists in working with models who appear in magazine photographs. This kind of artistry requires them to beautify the person excessively.

The next kind of makeup is for the theatre where the artist has to highlight the face so that it becomes more visible and the expressions become more apparent to the audience. This is an important point while preparing an artist for theatre performance because there is a distance between the actor and the audience.

The third kind of makeup is high definition. This is for films as faces on film show much more detail and need to be properly made up to reflect the character. The fourth type is special effects. This is where makeup has to be used to create a fantasy or features that aren't real. This includes blood and gore for horror movies and photographs etc.

Finally, airbrushing is used to apply makeup in more even and precise layers with a spray attachment. This is especially useful when applying foundation, highlighter or a tanner to a model or actor's skin.

However, compared to jobs such as acting or modelling, this is not a very high paying job. Even the best makeup artist earns very less compared to the best actor. As is in all industries, the better the makeup artist, the more they will earn. Most of the good makeup artists earn enough to live comfortably, and even lavishly.

The skill of an artist is, however, not only judged by their makeup style (based on what the director or photographer wants), but also on the relationships they build with the people they work with. If an artist or actor likes the makeup artist from a certain job, they may hire them again or refer them to more clients, which is what helps making a great makeup artist.

Most makeup artists learn their craft through school or college classes, or by interning at theatres, or sometimes even by working with a professional makeup artist. Most makeup artists are freelancers, but some work with production companies or hire an agency to represent themselves. They usually need to be a part of a union, and also have a license in the field. Most makeup artists, when they start off, spend a few years earning very little and working just to build up a reputation and develop a client list.

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