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Finding a Reputable Gift Basket Company Who Delivers in Canada (without All the Extra Fees!)

How to find a reputable gift basket company that will ship in Canada without all those extra fees!
As a retailer with fifteen years experience in the industry, I have contact with thousands of customers. One of the frustrations expressed repeatedly by them is that they have great difficulty, and spend much time searching for a gift basket company that is actually in Canada for Canadian deliveries.

It can be a very annoying experience when your boss asks you to quickly order a gift sent to "Mr. Very Important Client" and you are still working on it several hours later! Alas, it is the reality for many consumers. This article aims to help you find the quickest ways to order a gift basket, cookie bouquet, candy bouquet or other gift delivered to Canada with ease, comfort and confidence.

We have all heard horror stories from customers who mistakenly order a gift to be delivered in Canada from a U. S. basket company. Some scenarios include:

From a corporate client:
-I live in the USA so the gift basket company I ordered my basket from was located in the USA. I ordered online. There was no mention that they did not deliver to Canada. I just found out the gift was never delivered! That was three months ago! My boss is furious. Now I need to order a gift basket to replace the one that was never delivered, (plus an apology gift)!

From another corporate client
-I ordered a gift basket from a U.S. company to be shipped to Canada. It was being sent to a close relative (thank goodness it wasn't a client!). My relative just called to inform me that they had to pay duty and/or taxes on the item before they could receive it! Can you imagine having to pay to receive a gift! I was sooo embarrassed!

From a customer
-I ordered a birthday gift basket from a U.S. gift basket company to be sent to my best friend in Canada. It has been over two weeks and she still hasn't received it.

From another customer
-I just spent the past two hours looking for a gift basket company that would ship to Canada. I really wanted to send one of those cookie bouquets, but none of the companies that I contacted ship to Canada. It took me forever to find someone!

This is but a small sampling of what many Canadian gift basket companies have heard from our customers. Just hearing their stories is frustating, imagine how they themselves must be feeling!

Customers (and others) were asked, how they finally found someone. Here is what they say: Most important they recommend increasing the accuracy of your search terms by adding the name "Canada" or the city, province (equivalent to a US state) and country (Canada) to all of your inquiries. Eg. gift baskets Canada or gift baskets Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Although this method is not fool-proof, you will find that your search results are much more accurate. Once you have your results, select one of the companies, go to their website and find their "contact" page. Usually you will always find their complete address here, as well as their contact information. If you are still unsure, by all means, call the company to verify that they do indeed reside in Canada. With a little extra effort, you will avoid the above scenarios and, with a few quick clicks, have a order on its way to your recipient in Canada!

If you would like further information, please feel free to contact me at 866-308-4438 or visit: http://www.boodlesofbaskets.com

Cherylann Stachow, owner

Cherylann is the owner|operator of Boodles of Baskets.Boodles of Baskets offers gift baskets, candy bouquets, cookie bouquets, fresh baked cookies, cakes, fudge and popcorn, shipped throughout Canada and the USA. As a leader in the gift giving industry, with 15 years experience, Cherylann is always available to assist her customers in the art of gift giving.

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