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Women's Clothing - Where's the Difference Between Good and Bad E-Shops?

Lately we have seen the enormous growth of the number of e-shops. Probably, the reason is that everyday more and more people assume the risk to start their own business on the web and not offline, because it's set up requires much less expenses than opening a shop in the mall, so, practically you don't lose anything.

Statistical data suggests that the quantity of online store is almost doubling each year; one third of this pie is represented by clothes e-shops. Many active internet users are now asking themselves if all of these shops are equally good. Do all of them offer high-quality goods? Unfortunately, no. In this article we will show you how to differentiate good and bad online stores.

Rule number 1. No troubles with the law. A good e-shop follows strict schemes of trading, established by the law. That's why the website of such a store will always contain information about how to make an order, how to return or replace an item, what kind of items are not replaceable and, the information about the responsibilities of the buyer and the seller, about the warranties for the products and the ways to contact customer support in case of any problems.

Rule number 2. Playing the game. Any online store that values its good reputation and its customer base will always pay close attention to the clarity of all the terms and conditions of its work., namely the prices of the items, the quantities and discount system, the cost and time of delivery, different payment options. A good e-shop will always keep to these terms and a link to these terms and condition will get a special place on the site's homepage.

Rule number 3. Convenient navigation. Modern and user-friendly e-shops are always concerned with the question of how to make visiting their websites as comfortable, as possible. Good navigation means strict division of the goods to categories. The new collections, last chance to buy items and sale items are always separated from the main categories.

When you click on the item you see the details about the availability of sizes, the fabrics it's made of, other colors available. In a word, when you decide to buy something in a good online store, there'll be no problem in doing it, you will spend minimum time and energy and find what you're looking for right away.

Rule number 4. Additional options for users' convenience like calculators, allowing to determine size fast, possibility to create virtual sets of clothes, possibility to order items, not available at the moment and any other interesting options. All these things will show customers that they are valued and cared about.

Rule number 5. Brands and manufacturers. Nowadays good e-shops are usually mono-branded, or sell 2-3 famous brands of clothes. The Active Technologies 1895 GmbH e-shop works with three manufacturers and we present the full collections of brand clothes consisting of clothes itself, as well as underwear, shoes and accessories.

Rule number 6. Wide choice. A good e-shop should give its customers the widest possible choice of products, able to compete with that in any other online store. Take a look at product range at our website and you will understand what is meant by wide choice. It's also very important to bring in new collections as often as possible, so that the customers were interested in visiting the store once in a while.

Rule number 7. Availability of offline stores. As a rule, a good e-shop cannot exist alone and it's based on a company, having offline stores as well.

Rule number 8. Constant development in terms of website design and usability improvements, specials and competitions. In a word, anything that helps this store to stand out.

We hope that after reading this article you understood what makes a good online store. Active Technologies 1895 GmbH website is waiting for you to be sure in its award-winning service.

Jack Peterson writing for Active Technologies 1895 GmbH. The EMPIRESTYLE Style Advisor is an expert store assistant with a fashion related background hand picked to provide customers with VIP assistance for free. For more information visit http://www.empirestyle.net.

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