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How to Shop for Office Cleaning Services – and Have Fun While at it

Some types of shopping can be fun and some types of shopping can be a drag. Generally speaking, personal shopping for stuff like clothes, shoes and foodstuff is fun for many of us. On the other hand, work related shopping – for office supplies and for services to keep the office running feels like a drag for many of us, and many would rather avoid it if it were possible. But did you know that you can have fun even when doing work-related shopping, like when shopping for office cleaning services?

Here is how that can be possible.

For the purpose of our illustration, we will assume that you have just opened an office in London and are looking for office cleaning services for it. The first step in your shopping for office cleaning services will be whether to do it in-house or whether to go for contract cleaning. You can bring in some fun at this stage of shopping for cleaning services by asking for ‘people’s advice’ and listening to what they have to say about cleaning services in London. You will simply be amazed at just how opinioned people are on a subject as mundane as office cleaning. Some will actually give you what obviously amounts to misadvise and here you actually have a chance to know who your true friends are and who your ‘foes’ are.

Armed with ‘people’s advice’ and having decided on whether to go for contract cleaning services or to keep your cleaning in-house, the next step in shopping for cleaning services will be the actual procurement of the services. There is potential for fun here too. If you decide to go for contract cleaning, you will start by entering a search term like ‘office cleaning London’ or ‘office cleaning services London.’ Internet search engines work in amazing ways and you will have fun watching their behavior. How the search engine is able to go through the thousands of resources on ‘office cleaning London’ or ‘office cleaning services London’ and come up with results in a fraction of a second is something that can be really amazing if you come to think of it – keeping in mind that the information on either ‘office cleaning services’ or ‘office cleaning services London’ is not on the same computer (server), but on thousands of computers (servers) - all over the globe - as some business owners in London opt to host their websites in the USA, Australia and other such far-flung places.

If you decide to keep your office cleaning in-house, you are in for even more fun. The type of applications you will receive from people seeking to join your cleaning team will surely amuse you as some of the people looking to join your team will be outright jokers. You will still short-list some of the applicants and proceed to the interview stage, where you will be in for even more fun – especially if you have never conducted ‘non-professional’ interviews before. The dynamics of the interviewing for a ‘non-professional’ cadre are rather different from the dynamics of interviewing professionals, and this is something you will have to learn ‘on the job.’

So if you find yourself having to shop for office cleaning services, don’t approach the task as a drag, but rather as an opportunity with potential for fun.

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