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Simple Clown and Simple Fun

In today's world of kids birthday parties, a lot of weight is put on the parents to go out of their way to make their party the most impressive party of the year... but who is this really for? Believe it or not, the hype of a huge party is usually something the parent has worked their child up to. If the parent has decided that a huge amazing birthday party is the way to go then this is what a child will expect, but be warned, a child's expectation way be much more than what you had in mind. Their imaginations might very well out do yours. This can lead to a disappointment on the child's part when the party is not as WOW as it should be.

Having said this, maybe it is a better idea to keep the party simple. I can assure you that your child will be happy with whatever you decide so long as your heart is into the project and you are not running around like a chicken without a head. Smaller, simple parties allow you to spend more time with your child and less time worrying about the donkey in the flowers.

As Zimbo the Clown I have had much experience in the dynamics of what makes a good party, after all, the kids tell me exactly what they think of a party. I make it a point to ask every child about their day and how much fun they are having. So here are some first hand tips to an awesome, simple, cost-effective party.

First of all make sure there is enough food and make sure you put some out before the party starts. Don't put out all the food at once as it might get chowed before all the kids arrive.

Be sure to get a jumping castle to keep the kids busy as they arrive, if jumping castles are out of your budget then have some soccer balls or hoola-hoops for the kids to play with. Kids want to play the minute they walk in the door, so be prepared. If it is summer then the swimming pool works as a great pre-party activity, blow up a few floating animals and balls and the kids will do the rest.

About an hour into the party is the time for the kids party entertainer to take over. Whether it is a Clown with his wonderful balloons or a Magician with a bit of walk around magic, these are trained professionals who will no doubt keep the kids occupied. The most important tip for the parent is to stay involved with the entertainment. If you look excited then the children will pick up on this and they will have a wonderful time.

After the kids entertainer has met all the kids then allow them to put on the show. Have an area where the kids can sit on the floor and a small table for the entertainer to put his magic or tricks on. It is important that the parents help to control the kids during this time. If a child is trying to get their hands into the magic box then it is the parents duty to put the child in line not the entertainer. The entertainer may tell a joke about a shark being in the magic box, this is a hint to the parents that the child needs to be controlled.

After the Magic Show is a good time to do the birthday cake and sing. Have all the kids gather around the table or even better sit at the table. Have the knife ready... you will not believe how many times the candles are blown out and then mom has to run and get the knife. The clown or magician will be happy to help cut the cake while you click away with the camera.

If you have a Magician then your time is probably up after the cake cutting. If you have hired a Clown then you can go the extra hour and have them do some face painting. Again, have a table and two chairs available for this. Please note that clowns and entertainers do get thirsty so during the face painting might be a good time to hydrate them. Entertainers are not there to eat all the food but a little snack/drink will sure keep him/her fresh and at that point they will very well appreciate it.

After the second hour is up the clown or entertainer will be heading out and its time to start winding down the party. By this time the kids now have full tummies and are probably running around looking like super hero's and princesses. Get the party packs ready as the kids will soon be leaving. Allow the birthday child to open a couple presents or all the presents Play some 'pass the parcel' type last minute games. Last of all let the air out the castle, take a deep breath and smile. You have just pulled off a fantastic party.

Take Care

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